15 Expectation Vs Reality Pictures That Will Make You LOL

Hii thers guys!! are you getting bored or have nothing to do dont worry we are here to kill your boredom with this amazing article. In real life, reality hardly manages to live up to our expectations. Have a look at the following expectations versus reality pictures and have a good laugh:

1. Titanic re-creations

2. It never works!

3. Looking good whilst not shaving almost never goes as expected

4. Facebook notifications

5.Fast food advertising. The real thing looks horrible!

6. Profile pictures

7. Wind blowing through your hair feels great! Unfortunately, you won’t look anywhere near as good as you feel!

8. The selfie duck face is never pretty.

9. Try following those recipes for cute looking food.

10.The packaging is always a lie!

11. New years resolutions have a tendency to fall apart very quickly. For it to last, it has to become a habit and habits take up to a month to form – don’t give up!

12. Snowmen – they always look so much better in our heads.

13.Recipe re-creations.

14. Scary

15. More cute food fails.

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