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Amazon Quiz answers for 20 May 2019 rush folks open the amazon application and begin offering answer to win incredible prizes, Today amazon riddle answer for amazon test challenge today can be found here. Hello Guys, Amazon is one of the greatest internet shopping store of India where you can get from basic need, gadgets ,garments and significantly more. To keep their customers connected on the site and getting new ones they conducts Amazon india quiz, Amazon app quiz time, Amazon quiz contest, Amazon pay quiz.

Amazon quiz answers 20 May 2019

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Amazon quiz 21 May 2019 | Blaupunk Party sneakers

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. Which Bollywood actor’s real name is Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia?

Ans.  Akshay Kumar

2. In the movies Avengers: Infinity War, who was the guardian of the soul stone on Vormir?

Ans. Red skull

3. Time magazine’s list of ‘100 Most Influential People 2019’ featured 3 Indians – Menaka Guruswamy, Arundhati Katju and _____. Fill in the blanks.

Ans.  Mukesh Ambani

4.  Which country will host the FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup 2020?

Ans. India


5. The Rabindranath Tagore Literary Prize 2019 was awared to the book ‘Solo’ which was released 9 years ago. Who is the author to win the prize?

Ans. Rana Dasgupta

Amazon quiz 19 May 2019 | Win Urban Ladder Recliner

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1) Where in India can you find the Jarawas and Sentinelese tribes?

Ans – Andaman and Nicobar

2) What is the name of the new axe that Thor get’s made in Avengers: Infinity War?

Ans – Stormbreaker

3) The world’s tallest indoor waterfall (131 ft) has been created at an airport. Which country can you see it in?

Ans – Singapor

4) Which national park in India was known as the Hailey National Park at the time of inception in 1936?

Ans – Jimcorbett

5) Name the cricketer who has become the first in the world to hit more than 500 sixes in international cricket.

Ans – Chris Gayle 

Amazon quiz 18 May 2019

1) In 2000, 17-year-old Priyanka Chopra won the title of Miss India and later that year went on to be crowned as ___. Fill in the blanks.

Ans – Miss World

2) A narrow strip of water separates India and Sri Lanka. What is it called?

Ans – Palk strait

3) Consisting of over 1,349 pages and 591,552 words, which novel by Vikram Seth is one of the longest novels ever published in a single volume in the English language?

Ans – A Suitable Boy

4) An anemometer is a type of scientific instrument that measures quantity of rainfall.

Ans – False

5) Raavana 1 is a low-orbit satellite. It is the first satellite of _. Name the country.

Ans – Sri Lanka

Amazon quiz 17 May 2019

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1. Which is the smallest continent by land area?

Ans. Australia

2. ostrich’s eye is bigger than its brain.

Ans. True

3. Which of the following Indian rivers, does NOT flow into the Arabian Sea?

Ans. Tungbhadra

4. Deepika Padukone is a leading actress in India. However, she wasn’t born in the country. Where is her birthplace?

Ans. Denmark

5. 30 years in the making, RTS,S is the first and the only Malaria vaccine that has demonstrated results to prevent the disease in children. A pilot for the vaccine was recently launched in which African country?

Ans. Malawi

Amazon quiz 16 May 2019

1. Washing soda is the common name for which compound?

Ans. Sodium carbonate

2. Which of the following will you associate ‘Sattriya’ with?

Ans. A dance form

3. What is the Roman numeral equivalent for the number ‘0’?

Ans. Does not exist

4. Which one of these is a traditional folk dance of the people of Lakshadweep Islands?

Ans. Lablva dance

5.  Which Indian scientist won the Nobel prize for Physics in 1930 for pioneering work on scattering of light?

Ans. Chandrashekhar venkata raman

Amazon quiz 10 May 2019

1. Which is the smallest state in India?

Ans. Goa

2.In which country would you find the Stonehenge, a prehistoric monument consisting of a ring of standing stones? 

Ans. England

3. Complete the phrase – ‘wear your heart on your ______’. This English idiom means openly showing your emotions or feelings.

Ans. Sleev

4. You can find the Victoria Terminus in Mumbai and the Victoria Memorial in Kolkata. Now if you are visiting the Gateway of India, which city are you in?

Ans. Mumbai

5. In which country were the first Olympic games held?

Ans. Greece

Amazon quiz 9 May 2019

1. RK Laxman was a famous cartoonist, known for his illustration of the ‘Common Man’. His elder brother was a writer, and the author of the series _______.

Ans. Malgudi days

2. The Koala bear’s diet mainly consists of eating ______. Fill in the blanks.

Ans. Eucalyptus leaves

3. Maria Montessori was an Italian physician. She is also known for her contributions to another field, where her name is used to refer to a teaching method. Which field does it apply to?

Ans. Education

4. Which female character from Greek mythology brought evil into the world when her curiosity compelled her to open a magical box?

Ans. Pandora

5. Apricots are not native to India. And yet, there is a popular Hyderabadi dessert, made from apricots which was created by the royals as it needed the fruit to be imported. What is the dish called?

Ans. Qubani ka mertha

Amazon 8 May quiz answers

1. Himalaya is a Sanskrit name, given to the mighty snow-capped mountain range. What does the name mean?

Ans. Abode of snow

2. Which nation was the first to give women the right to vote?

Ans. New zealand

3. ASIMO an advanced, walking humanoid robot, which was created by a popular automobile company in 2000. Which company made it?

Ans. Honda

4. Ser Davos Seaworth is the right hand man of Stannis Baratheon, in the first few seasons of Game of Thrones, before he joins Jon Snow in the fight against the Whitewalkers. What is the nickname given to Ser Davos?

Ans. Onion knight

5. Which northern animal is known as the ‘Gulo Gulo’ in Latin?

Ans. Wolverine

Amazon quiz 3 May 2019

Amazon quiz April Winners announced

1. Podiatrists are medical professional devoted to the study and medical treatment of ___?

Ans. Feet

2. Which of the following is NOT a variety of mango

Ans. Red decca

3. Long Island Iced Tea is a popular thirst-quencher during the hot summers. How much tea goes into a glass of Long Island Iced Tea made by a traditional recipe?

Ans. None

4. There is a theory that the universe will come to an end when its ever-increasing rate of expansion causes all matter to basically fly apart. What is the term applied to this theory?

Ans. Big rip

5. He adapted a lecture at the University of Dhaka on the theory of radiation sent it to Albert Einstein who translated it German, and had it published in ‘Zeitschrift fur Physik’. Rabindranath Tagore dedicated his only book on science, ‘Visva–Parichay’ to him. Who is he?

Ans. Satyendra nath

Amazon quiz 2 May 2019

1. Which of these constellations represents a goat?

Ans. Capriconus

2. Which is the largest of the seven sister states of Northeast India?

Ans. Arunachal pradesh

3. We use Google Maps for everything these days. What does GPS stands for?

Ans. Global positioning system

4. Which planet in our solar system was the first to be discovered by telescope?

Ans. Uranus

5. How many planets in our solar system have rings?

Ans. 4

Amazon quiz 01 May 2019

1. The ‘funny bone’ got its nickname because of that funny feeling you get after you hit it. Where is it located?

Ans. Elbow

2. The deepest point on Earth lies 36000 feet below sea level. Where can you find it?

Ans. Mariama trench

3. The book ‘Long Walk to Freedom’ is an autobiography by which one of these?

Ans. Nelson mandela

4. Which of these Indian actors was seen in Alisha Chinoy’s ‘Made in India’ music video from her debut album?

Ans. Milind soman

5. The first type of molecule that ever formed in the universe was recently detected in space for the first time, after decades of searching. What is this molecule called?

Ans. Helium hydride

Amazon quiz 30 April 2019

1. When talking about computers, what does RAM stand for?

Ans. Random access memory

2. Which automobile company launched a sports car into space in February 2018?

Ans. Tesla

3. Jakarta is the capital of which country?

Ans. Indonasia

4. Bhaichung Bhutia is the current captain of the Indian football team.


5. Which of these is NOT a fire-element sign from the Zodiac?

Ans. Aquaries

Amazon quiz 29 April 2019

1. Which of these Avengers superheroes is NOT from Earth?

Ans. Thor

2.What system of governance does India operate under?

Ans. Parliamentary

3. ‘Survival of the fittest’ is a phrase that we commonly use. It is derived from the theories of which famous scientist?

Ans. Charles darwin

4. How many states and union territories does India comprise of?

Ans. 29 states 7 territories

5. The world’s smelliest fruit is found abundantly in South East Asia. Which fruit is it?

Ans. Durian

Amazon quiz 28 April 2019

1. At room temperature, which is the only metal that is in liquid form?

Ans. Mercury

2. Azim Premji, the Indian business tycoon is the chairman of which company?

Ans. Wipro

3. An oenologist is a person who studies the science of ____. Fill in the blank

Ans. Wine making

4. Which city is the capital of the United Arab Emirates?

Ans. Abhu dhabi

5. Which of the following planets can NOT be seen with the naked eye, from Earth?

Ans. Neptune

Amazon quiz 27 April 2019

1. If you are visiting the Gateway of India, which city are you in?

Ans. Mumbai

2. An Indian rupee note displays the Hampi’s Stone Chariot. What is the denomination of this note?

Ans. 50 rupee

3. The lowest point of your chin is called the Gnathion. What is the space between your eyebrows called?

Ans. Glabela

4. PETA is an animal welfare organization based in the US. Which Indian celebrity did it name as the PETA India Person of the Year for 2018 for being an advocate for animal rights?

Ans. Sonam kapoor

5. Which of the following colors is NOT seen in the Olympics symbol?

Ans. Orange

Amazon quiz 26 April 2019

1. The Veer Savarkar International Airport has been declared as an authorized Immigration Check post. Which Union Territory is it located in?

Ans. Andaman and nicobar

2. Every year, the Oxford Dictionary chooses a Hindi Word of the Year. What word was selected for 2018?

Ans. Nari shakti

3. A 26.3-metre-long concrete bridge is the world’s longest 3D printed bridge. Which city can you find it in?

Ans. Shanghai

4. Aravind Adiga is an Indo-Australian writer and journalist. His debut novel won the 2008 Man Booker Prize. Which book was it?

Ans. The white tiger

5. Ms. Rani won the gold medal at the Senior National Women’s Judo championship at Visakhapatnam in January 2019. She is the head constable of which Indian state’s police department?

Ans. Himachal pradesh

Amazon quiz 25 April 2019

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1. What does a manometer measure?

Ans. Pressure

2. In the FIFA World Cup, the ‘Golden Boot Award’ is awarded each season to whom?

Ans. The top goal scorer

3. According to the old English proverb, to which European capital city do all roads lead to?

Ans. Rome

4. From what book is the quote,’ War is peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is strength’?

Ans. 1984

5. In Japanese, what is the word for goodbye?

Ans. Sayonara

Amazon quiz 24 April 2019

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1. Anura is the scientific name for which of these animals?
Ans. Frog

2. Which of these cricketers was recently named as ‘Wisden’s leading Cricketer in the World’ for 2018?
Ans. Virat kohli

3. What is the official residence of the Pope?
Ans. Apostolic palace

4. There have been speculations that Mt. Everest has shrunk. To address this, which country is sending an expedition to remeasure the height of Mt. Everest?
Ans. Nepal

5. The Indian men’s hockey team was without a coach since the last world cup. A new chief coach has been appointed now. Who is it?
Ans. Graham reid

Amazon quiz 23 April 2019

1. 23rd April is the death anniversary of William Shakespeare. It is also celebrated as World ______ Day. Fill in the blanks
Ans. World book day

2. Punjab is also called ‘The Land of Five Waters’. Which of these is NOT a river the name that flows through the region?
Ans. Tapti

3. The National Museum of Indian Cinema was inaugurated in January this year. It houses stories and tools that make up 100 years of Indian cinema. Where is it located?
Ans. Mumbai

4. The Red Square is considered the central square of which Russian city?
Ans. Moscow

5. The first ever photograph of a black hole was released recently. Which galaxy is that blackhole present in?
Ans. Messier 87

Amazon quiz Answer 22 April 2019

1. Which Indian state is the first in the country to have 4 international airports?
Ans. Kerala

2. Ophidiophobia is the fear of ______.
Ans. Snakes

3. Who is the coach of the Indian women’s cricket team?
Ans. Woorkari raman

4. A group of crows is called a ‘murder’. What is a group of owls called?
Ans. A parliament

5. In the final season of Game of Thrones, Daenerys Targaryen is battling for the Iron Throne. What was her father’s name, who once ruled from the same throne?
Ans. Aerys II Targaryen

Amazon quiz Answer 21 April 2019

Q1.: Which planet in the solar system has the most moons?

Ans- Jupiter

Q2.: In _, India won its first cricket world cup. Fill in the blanks.

Ans- 1983

Q3.: Salman Khan’s character’s name in which of these movies was NOT ‘Prem’?

Ans- Dabangg [2010]

Q4.: ‘Dunder Mifflin Paper Company’ is the setting for which famous TV series?

Ans- The Office

Q5.: Espadrilles were first made in regions of France and Spain. Where are these worn?

Ans- On Your Feet

Amazon quiz Answer 20 April 2019

1. A 10-year old boy, has become the youngest to win a gold medal at the Khelo India Youth Games held in January. What is his name?
Ans. Abhinav shaw

2. Spiders have 6 legs.
Ans. False

3. World Homeopathy Day 2019 was observed recently. When was it?
Ans. April 10

4. The Indian Railways have developed an AI-powered robot which helps check for faults in trains by clicking and sharing pictures of under-gears. What is it called?

5. India’s fastest engineless self-propelled train was launched in February, for the Delhi-Varanasi route. It was referred to as Train 18, before being renamed. What is it called now?
Ans. Vande bharat express

Amazon quiz Answer 19 April 2019

1. Which famous animated character made its debut in the short film Steamboat Willie, which released in 1928?
Ans. Mickey mouse

2. Which countries played in the first men’s Twenty20 Cricket international ever?
Ans. Australia and new zewland

3. Flags from which of these countries features a depiction of the Sun at its center?
Ans. Argentina

4. The first person in history to win two Nobel prizes was ______________
Ans. Marie curie

5. If you were enjoying a match at the largest cricket stadium in India, which city would you be in?
Ans. Kolkata

Amazon quiz Answer 18 April 2019

1. Which famous Indian cricketer is Ranveer Singh depicting in his upcoming movie ’83?
Ans. Kapil dev

2. Which was the first song to be played in outer space?
Ans. Jingle bells

3. Tug-of-war was played as an Olympic sport
Ans. True

4. Who is the first Indian cricketer to have crossed 8,000 runs in T20 matches?
Ans. Suresh Raina

5. In the film Avengers Infinity War, which is the last infinity stone that Thanos gets to complete his gauntlet before destroying half of all living beings in the universe?
Ans. Mind stone

Amazon quiz Answer 17 April 2019

1. Where are the Tea Board of India headquarters located?
Ans. Kolkata

2. The African elephant is the largest carnivore on land.
Ans. False

3. Indian athlete Irfan KT, from Kerala, has qualified for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Which sport will he participate in?
Ans. Rave walking

4. Season 2 of the Amazon Prime Video exclusive series, ‘Laakhon mein ek’ recently released. Created by Biswa Kalyan Rath, who stars as the lead in this season?
Ans. Shweta tripathi

5. Which Indian woman was recently titled as the ‘Chief Scientist’ at the World Health Organization?
Ans. Soumya swaminathan

Amazon quiz Answer 16 April 2019

1. The Special Olympics World Summer Games 2019 took place from March 14-21. Which country was it hosted in?
Ans. UAE

2. David Dhawan is set to release a remake of his 90s film Coolie No.1, starring son Varun Dhawan. Who is the lead actress cast opposite Varun?
Ans. Sara ali khana

3. The smallest bone in the human body is found in the fingers.
Ans. False

4. India recently launched the South-Asian Centre of the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI). Where can you find the IRRI headquarters?

5. Which city has been titled as the ‘cleanest city in India’ as part of the Swachh Survekshan 2019 survey?
Ans. Indore

Amazon quiz Answer 15 April 2019

1. The Game of Thrones TV show is based on the fantasy novel series ‘A Song of Fire and Ice’ . Who is the author to this book series?
Ans. George R R martin

2. In the series ‘Game of Thrones’, the White Walkers are vulnerable to which of these materials?
Ans. Faceglass

3. In the Game of Thrones series, what’s the name of the band of assassins that Arya Stark joins in Braavos?
Ans. Faceless man

4. What character does Priyanka Chopra’s sister-in-law play in the Game of Thrones series?
Ans. Sansa stark

5. Where can you take a selfie while sitting on the real Iron Throne used in the filming of Game of Thrones?
Ans. Croatia

Amazon quiz Answer 14 April 2019

1. Which scientist developed the algorithm which helped capture the first-ever image of a black hole?
Ans. Katie bouman

2. The Phayeng village is recently tagged as India’s first carbon-positive settlement. Which state is it located in?
Ans. Manipur

3. Vader, Papi, Tatay, and Tevas are different terms for a _____.
Ans. Father

4. The amount of electronic waste is growing rapidly. The world’s largest e-waste recycling center was recently opened in which of these cities?
Ans. Dubai

5. 14th April is celebrated as ‘Ambedkar Jayanti’, the birth anniversary of BR Ambedkar, known as the architect of the Indian constitution. He was also independent India’s first ______. Fill in the blanks
Ans. Law minister

Amazon quiz Answer 13 April 2019

1. A group of crows is called a _____. Fill in the blanks.
Ans. Muder

2. Which of these is the southernmost point of Africa and the beginning of the dividing line between the Atlantic and Indian Oceans?
Ans. Cape aghulas

3. Who was the second man to walk on the moon?
Ans. Edwin Buzz Aldrin

4. Which film director and screenwriter is most known for the Elements Trilogy – Fire (1996), Earth (1998), and Water (2005)?
Ans. Deepa mehta

5. The Department of Posts in India has launched a ‘Cool EMS’ service, using which customers in India can import food items from ______ for personal use. Fill in the blanks.
Ans. Japan

Amazon quiz Answer 11 April 2019

1. Who composed the famous classical music melody – ‘Fur Elise’?
Ans. Beethoven

2. Where is Fort William located?
Ans. Kolkata

3. Rabindranath Tagore won the Nobel prize for Literature. Which of the following are NOT written by him?
Ans. Meghduta

4. The term ‘Mankading’ has been in the news recently. Which field is it associated with?
Ans. Sports

5. Which Indian sportswoman recently had a Barbie doll designed to look like her, as part of Barbie’s ‘role model’ program?
Ans. Dipa karmarkar

Amazon quiz Answer 10 April 2019

1. If you open your mouth wide, you will see a fleshy piece of tissue hanging like a pendulum. It is above your tongue at the back. What is this elongated, hanging structure called?
Ans. Uvula

2. The first fully solar-powered airport in the world is in India. Where will you find it?
Ans. Kochi

3. Dr. Abdul Kalam visited a country on 26th May, 2005, and they declared it as their National Science Day. Which country was it?
Ans. Switzerland

4. The Pentium chip was produced by USA’s Intel Corporation n 1993. But an Indian engineer is popularly known as being the ‘Father of the Pentium Chip’, for his contributions towards its development. Who is it?
Ans. Vinod dham

5. Alia Bhatt won the 2019 Filmfare award for her work in Raazi. The actor who played her husband, also won a Filmfare award for ‘Best Supporting Actor’ for Sanju. Who is the actor?
Ans. Vicky kaushal

Amazon quiz Answer 9 April 2019

1. The freezing point of water is 0 degrees Celsius. What is it’s freezing point in Fahrenheit?
Ans. 32 degree

2. The chef’s hat is a significant part of the attire worn by many cooks. What is this type of long hat called?
Ans. Toques blanches

3. The Zero Mile Stone is a pillar built by British during the Great Trigonometrical Survey of India in 1907, considered to be the center of India. Which city is it located in?
Ans. Nagpur

4. Rakesh Sharma was the first Indian to go to space. When asked by the then PM Indira Gandhi what India looked like from spaces, his response was _____. Fill in the blanks.
Ans. Sare jahan se achha

5. 2019 will see the 7th season of the Pro Kabaddi League in July where teams will battle for the title of winner once again. Which team is the current champion who won the tournament in 2018?
Ans. Bengaluru bulls

Amazon quiz contest today 08 April 2019

1. Water can exist in the solid, liquid, and gaseous state at the same time.
Ans. True

2. Chetan Bhagat has announced that he is releasing a new non-fiction book in May. What is the title of the book?
Ans. India positive

3. The Statue of Liberty is known world-over as a symbol of the USA. But it was gifted to America by another country. Who gifted it?
Ans. France

4. Water was first discovered on the moon by NASA’s Moon Minerology Mapper. The mapper was sent into space on a spacecraft sent by which country?
Ans. India

5. Couples celebrate a silver anniversary for 25 years of togetherness. If they celebrate a crystal anniversary, how long have they been together?
Ans. 15

Amazon quiz contest today 07 April 2019

1. Each year, 7th April is celebrated as the ‘World Health Day’, and marks the anniversary of the World Health Organization (WHO). When was the first World Health Day celebrated?
Ans. 1950

2. WHO declared India free of which of these epidemics in 2014?
Ans. Polio

3. Which of these is a first-aid procedure that is used to dislodge food or another object from a person’s airway when they are choking?

4. Who is credited with developing the first successful Polio vaccine?
Ans. Jonas salk

5. The 2018 Nobel Prize in medicine was awarded jointly to James P Allison and Tasuku Honjo for their work in which domain?
Ans. Cancer therapy

Amazon quiz contest today 6 April 2019

1. In the animal kingdom, if whales are classified as mammals, what are spiders?
Ans. Arachnids

2. The largest school in the world, known as the ‘City Montessori School’ has more than 55,000 pupils and over 1050 classrooms. Where is it located?
Ans. Lucknow

3. This famous Indian-Canadian YouTube influencer recently announced an independent late night TV show on NBC. Who is she?
Ans. Lilly singh

4. A phobia is an irrational fear that a person may experience. Triskaidekaphobia is the fear of what?
Ans. Number 13

5. Kanchenjunga marks the highest point in India. The lowest point in India lies at 2.2 meters below sea level. Where is it?
Ans. Kuttand

Amazon quiz contest today 5 April 2019

1. The lead actress who played Tara Khanna in the Amazon Prime Original series ‘Made In Heaven’, also won the Miss India title in 2013. Name this actress.
Ans. Sobhita dhulipala

2. The teaser the new star-studded film, Kalank released recently. Karan Johar is the producer of the film. Who is the director?
Ans. Abhishek verman

3. Philately is a field of study that focuses on stamps.
Ans. True

4. The planets in our Solar system rotate in a counter-clockwise direction. Except two: Uranus spins on its side and ___ spins in a clockwise direction. Fill in the blank.
Ans. Venus

5. Micheal Jackson performed for the first and only time in India in 1996. After the show, before he left the country, he scribbled a love letter to India in his hotel room where he called India his ‘special love’. Where did he write it?
Ans. On a pillow

Amazon quiz contest today 4 April 2019

1. Which Indian state is also known as the ‘Land of the rising sun’ because it gets the first sunrise in the country?
Ans. Arunachal pradesh

2. Bramley, Granny Smith and Russet are all types of which fruit?
Ans. Apple

3. Which theory made famous by Albert Einstein explains why all ‘observers’ have their own separate measure of time because of the finite speed of light?
Ans Theory of relativity

4. Hibernia was the classical Latin name for which region?
Ans. Ireland

5. Who recently won the men’s singles title at the 2019 Miami Open Tennis tournament?
Ans. Roger federer

Amazon quiz contest today 3 April 2019

1. Which element was discovered on the Sun before it was discovered on Earth?
Ans. Helium

2. The Portsmouth college in UK offers a course to its students which of these languages?
Ans. Hinglish

3. The first Indian ‘talkie’ film – a film with dialogues – released in 1931 was _______
Ans. Alak ara

4. Polar bears hunt and feed primarily on penguins.
Ans. False

5. Vlad the Impaler was an emperor in Romania in the 14th century. Which fictional character was based on him?
Ans. Dracula

Amazon Quiz Answer 02 April 2019

1. Molten rock that erupts out of a volcano is called Lava. What is it called when it lies under the Earth’s crust?
Ans. Magma

2. Convectional, orographic and frontal are all types of ____. Fill in the blanks.
Ans. Rainfall

3. India’s top-ranked badminton player and Olympic silver-medalist PV Sindhu became the first woman to co-pilot this aircraft at the Aero India 2019 air show. Which aircraft was it?
Ans Tejas

4. The Indian word ‘chuddies’ (underpants) was recently added to the Oxford English dictionary.
Ans. True

5. Mukesh and Nita Ambani’s son Akash Ambani recently tied the knot. Who did he get married to?
Ans. Shloka Mehta

Amazon quiz contest today 01 April 2019

1. If you have hyperosmia, It would mean you have a greater than average sense of ____. Fill in the blank
Ans. Smell

2. The Indian Premier League is in it’s 12th season. The first IPL was played in 2009. True or False?
Ans. False

3. The first national flag of India is said to have been hoisted on August 7, 1906, and it was red, yellow and green. It has changed significantly since then. Who has designed the current, modern tricolour flag of India?
Ans. Pingali vekaiya

4. Who is the first player to reach a score of 5000 runs in the IPL?
Ans. Suresh Raina

5. India plans to launch its first manned space flight, by 2022. What is the spacecraft that is being built for this program called?
Ans. Gaganyan

Amazon quiz Answers 31 March 2019

1. Who was the last Mughal Emperor in India?
Ans. Bahadur shah zafar II

2. Marvel is set to release a special theme song for Avengers Endgame exclusively for India, slated to be released in Hindi, Tamil and Telegu. Who will be composing this song?
Ans. A.R Rehman

3. Which of the following authors was NOT born in India?
Ans. VS Naipaul

4. Deepika Padukone recently released the first look of her film Chhapaak, in which she plays an acid attack victim. Which actor will star opposite her in the film?
Ans. Vikrant Massey

5. Which is the brightest star seen in the night sky?
Ans. Sirius

Amazon quiz contest today 30 March 2019

1. In zoology, herpetology is the study of reptiles and amphibians. What does ornithology focus on?
Ans. Birds

2. An atom is made of 3 subatomic particles – a proton, a neutron, and an electron. A proton carries positive charger and a neutron carries negative charge. True or False?
Ans. False

3. The Pacific Ocean is the largest on the planet. Which ocean is the smallest?
Ans. Arctic ocean

4. The book ‘Big Egos, Small Men’ is written by a former law minister of India. Who is the it?
Ans. Ram jethmalani

5. It is said that the carvings at the Edakkal Caves were made by man during the Stone Age. Where are these caves located?
Ans. Kerala

Amazon quiz contest today Answer 29 Mar 2019

1. Where can you find the smallest bone in the human body?
Ans. Ear

2. When referring to genres of music, what does ‘R and B’ stand for?
Ans. Rythm and blues

3. In which year was Microsoft established?
Ans. 1975

4. A caterpillar does not stay a caterpillar for its entire life. What does it change into?
Ans. Butterfly

5. What is the currency of Sweden?
Ans. Krona

Amazon Casio G-Shock Watch Quiz Answers – 28th March

1. What does AR in AR Rahman’s name stand for?

Ans. Allah Rakha

2. The East India Company came to India in 1600s, but established control only in _____ after the Battle of Plassey when it took over the province of Bengal.

Ans. 1757

3. Shanghai is currently the most populated city in the world. But which was the first city to reach a population of 1 million?

Ans. Beijing

4. A litre of hot water weighs more than a litre of cold water

Ans. False

5. A regular email has the recipients section, as well as CC and BCC. What does BCC stand for?

Ans. Blind carbon copy

Amazon quiz answer 27 March 2019

1. Which planet in our solar system is named after the Roman god of war?

Ans. Mars

2. Which of these countries does NOT have a standing army?

Ans. Iceland

3. The Ao language is spoken in which of the following States?

Ans. Nagaland

4. Which place in India holds the Guinness World Record for being the wettest place on Earth?

Ans. Mawsynram

5. Monarch Edward IV of England ruled which sport illegal in 1477?


Amazon quiz answer 26 March 2019

The white-ish, crescent moon shaped part at the base of your nail has a name. What is it called?


There is only one part of the body with living cells that does NOT receive blood supply through blood vessels. Where do these cells exist?


Which of the following is NOT a folk dance that originated in Maharashtra?


Tiger stripes are unique like human fingerprints and no two tigers share the same stripe pattern.


Where can you find India’s only floating post-office, which is situated on a lake?

Sri nagar

Amazon quiz answer 24 March 2019

1. The highest cricket ground in the world, in terms of altitude, is located in which country?

Ans. India

2. Ganymede is the largest moon in our solar system. Which planet does it orbit around?

Ans. Jupiter

3. A rare flower blooms in Kerala and the Western Ghats once every 12 years. The last time it bloomed was in 2018. What is the flower called?

Ans. neelakurinji

4. Deer shed and re-grow their antlers every year.

Ans. True

5. When discussing terms related to water, Nimbus, cumulus and stratus refer to types of _______.

Ans. Cloud

Amazon quiz 23 March 2019 Answers

1. The 4 minarets of the Taj Mahal are tilted outwards, so that they won’t fall on the Mahal in case of an earthquake.

Ans. True

2. All Indian currency notes have the denomination written in a number of languages. Besides the writing in Hindi and English on the front. how many other regional languages appear on the back panel?

Ans. 15

3. What would you call a type of scientist who studies dinosaurs and fossils?

Ans. Paleontologists

4. After the Berlin Olympics in 1936, Hitler offered an Indian hockey player a position as Field Marshall in the German Army. Which player was it?

Ans. Dhyan chand

5. When is the first ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2019 match scheduled?

Ans. 30 May

Amazon quiz answer 22 March 2019

Amazon quiz Winners Feb 2019

1. The 2019 IPL is just around the corner, and Yuvraj Singh has joined a new team. Which team will he play for?

Ans. Mumbai indians

2. Who was the first Indian to fly into outerspace?

Ans. Rkaesh sharma

3. Orcas, or killer whales are a sub-species of dolphins.

Ans. True

4. Priyanka Chopra played a supporting role in a recent Netflix Original rom-com with Rebel Wilson and Liam Hemsworth. What’s the name of the film?

Ans. Is’nt it romantic

5. Two South Korean companies recently announced a 300 Million dollar investment in India based, Ola Cabs. The first company is Hyundai, name the second.

Ans. Kia Motors

Amazon quiz answer 20 March 2019

Amazon quiz Winners Feb 2019

Q1. Rajasthan is the prominent desert region of India. Which desert makes up most of this state?

Ans: Thar

Q2. Who was the first person to win an individual medal at the Olympics, representing independent India?

Ans: K.D. Jadhav

Q3. Which of these desserts has its roots in Hyderabad’s Nizami legacy, and is traditionally prepared from dried apricots?

Ans: Qubani ka Meetha

Q4. There is an ancient Indian weapon known as ‘Katar’. What type of weapon is it?

Ans: A Dagger

Q5. Which famous Indian poet did Shankar Mahadevan collaborate with, for his track, ‘Breathless’?

Ans: Javed Akhtar

Amazon quiz answer 19 March 2019

Amazon quiz Winners Feb 2019

1. What is the metal or plastic casing around the end of a shoelace called?

Ans. Aglet

2. The actor who played Gandhi in Lage Raho Munnabhai, won a National Award for Best Supporting Actor for the role. Name the actor.

Ans. Dilip Prabhavalkar

3. Earth’s atmosphere is made up of several gasses, but which element makes up the majority of the air?

Ans. Nitrogen

4. An A2 size paper, is smaller than an A4 size paper.

Ans. False

5. The 2019 Oscars just went by. But, which movie won the Oscar for best film in 2018?

Ans. Shape of water

Amazon quiz answer 18 March 2019

Amazon quiz Winners Feb 2019

1. Which of these natural phenomenon is also know as the ‘Northern Lights’?

Ans. Aurora borealis

2. In ___, India won its first cricket world cup. Fill in the blanks.

Ans. 1983

3. Who was the fictional detective created by Arthur Conan Doyle?

Ans. Sherlock holmes

4. The Tropic of Cancer does NOT pass through which of these Indian states?

Ans. Bihar

5. Which state was divided into Maharashtra and Gujarat in 1960?

Ans. Bombay

Amazon quiz answer 16 March 2019

Amazon quiz Winners Feb 2019

Q1. Light-year’ is a unit of _____. Fill in the blanks.

Ans: Distance

Q2. Eritrea, which became the 182nd member of the UN, is located in which continent?

Ans: Africa

Q3. The Garampani wildlife sanctuary is located in which Indian state?

Ans: Assam

Q4. What is the national sport of Japan?

Ans: Sumo Wrestling

Q5. In which country were the first Olympic games held?

Ans: Greece

Amazon quiz answer 15 March 2019

Amazon quiz Winners Feb 2019

1. The study of fossils to determine organisms’ evolution and their interaction with each other is called?

Ans. Palanteology

2. Which is the least populated country in the world?

Ans. Vactican City

3. What is the Roman numeral for 50?

Ans. L

4. Which is the highest attainable rank in the Indian Army?

Ans. Field Marshel

5. The surrender of Japan in 1945 brought an end to WWII. On which ship were the surrender documents signed?

Ans. USS missouri

Amazon quiz answer 14 March 2019

Amazon quiz Winners Feb 2019

1. Tour De France is an annual multi-stage event associated with which of these sports?

Ans. Cycling

2. Which of the following national parks is located in Rajasthan?

Ans. Keoladeo national park

3. Where in the human body is the occiput?

Ans. Head

4. What is the chemical symbol of lead?

Ans. Pb

5. Made in 1888, the ‘Roundhay Garden Scene’ is known to be the world’s earliest surviving motion-picture film. How long is it?

Ans. 2.11 seconds

Amazon quiz answer 13 March 2019

Amazon quiz Winners Feb 2019

1. According to Roman mythology, ‘Cloacina’ was the goddess of ______.

Ans. Sewer

2. If you were visiting the ‘Tabo Monastery’, where would you be?

Ans. Himachal pradesh

3. One liter of hot air will be heavier than one liter of cold air.

Ans. False

4. Chholiya’ often referred to as ‘sword dance’, is the traditional folk dance form associated with which state?

Ans. Uttrakhand

5. At ____ years old, Kane Tanaka, a Japanese woman has officially been confirmed as the oldest person living by Guinness World Records. Fill in the blanks.

Ans. 116

Amazon quiz answer 12 March 2019

Amazon quiz Winners Feb 2019

1.The Greeks referred to this state as ‘Pentapotamia’, an inland delta of five converging rivers. Name this Indian state

Ans. Punjab

2.Grown in regions of South India, Arabica and Robusta are varieties of _____. Fill in the blank.

Ans. Coffee

3. Created by Edgar Rice Borroughs, John Clayton is raised by apes in the jungles of Africa. What do we know him popularly as?

Ans. Tarzan

4. The famous ad jingle for this Indian watches brand was composed by AR Rahman as an adaption of Mozart’s 25th symphony. Which Indian brand is this?


5.Which of them was the first Indian to win the Miss World title?

Ans. Reita faria

Amazon quiz answer 11 March 2019

Amazon quiz Winners Feb 2019

1. When referring to dates and years, BC stands for ‘Before Christ’. What does AD stand for?

Ans. Anno domini

2.In which country is the International Court of Justice located?

Ans. Netherlands

3. If you’re playing chess, which piece can only make an L-shaped move?

Ans. The Knight

4.Which of the following smartphone brands does NOT belong to the same parent company?


5.Which country is Prague in?

Ans. Czech republic

Amazon quiz answer 9 March 2019

Amazon quiz Winners Feb 2019

1. Which is the largest living fish in the ocean?

Ans. Whake shark

2.A butterfly’s taste sensors are in its feet.

Ans. True

3. Which company has made the humanoid robot known as ASIMO?

Ans. Honda

4. What is the meaning of the name Himalaya, in Sanskrit?

Ans.Hans Lipeprshay

5.A European spectacle maker invented the telescope. What was his name?

Ans. Abode of snow

Amazon quiz answer 8 March 2019

Amazon quiz Winners Feb 2019

1. Which is the longest river in Asia?


2. What was the term used to refer to British women who fought for women’s right to vote in the early 20th century?


3. Halitosis is the medical term for which of these?

Ans. Bad breath

4. To commemorate Rahul Dravid’s 10,000 Test runs, a wall with 10,000 bricks was built in which of these stadiums?

Ans.M chinncswami starium

5.Which nation was the first to give women the right to vote?

Ans.New zealand

Amazon quiz answer 7 march

1.What does ‘SIM’ in SIM card stand for?

Subscriber identity module

2. Which is the hottest planet in our solar system?


3. Which Stephen King novel takes place in the fictional Overlook Hotel?

The shining

4. Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon. Who was the second?

Buzz aldrin

5.How many sides does a rhombus have?


Amazon quiz answers Today | 6 Mar 2019

Q1. A sushi is a Japanese dish, traditionally wrapped in ______.

Ans- edible seaweed

Q2. ‘A Moveable Feast’ is the autobiography of?

Ans- earnest hemingway

Q3. Which historical event does Charles Dickens’ novel ‘The Tale of Two Cities’ concern?

Ans- french revolution

Q4. George Eliot was the pen name of which author?

Ans- Mary ans evans

Q5. Who recently became the first batsman in the world to smash 500 sixes in international cricket?

Ans- chris gayle
Amazon quiz Winners Feb 2019

Amazon quiz answers Today | 5 Mar 2019

Q1.Wh can you find the largest cricket stadium in Asia, which is sometimes referred to as the ‘Lord’s of Asia’?

Ans- Kolkata

Q2. What is the maximum number of players a football team can have on the field, during a match?

Ans- 11

Q3. The electronic recording device in an aircraft is known as a black box. What color is this device?

Ans- orange

Q4. What is the capital city of Mizoram?

Ans- Aizawl

Q5. Arundhati Roy won the Booker prize in 1997 for her debut novel. What was the novel called?

Ans- The God of Small things
Amazon quiz Winners Feb 2019

Amazon quiz answers Today | 4 Mar 2019

1. which day is the International Women’s Day celebrated every year?

Ans. 8th march

2.After being nominated for several years, Leonardo Dicaprio finally won an Oscar for Best Actor in 2016. Which film did he win it for?

Ans. The ravenent

3.The circle of latitude known as Tropic of Capricorn, passes through India

Ans. False

4.The 2018 film, Pad Man, starring Akshay Kumar is based on a true story. Who is the social entrepreneur that inspired the character?

Ans. Arunatham murugantham

5.Which country will host the 2020 Summer Olympics?

Ans. Japan

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