Amazon Quiz today Answer | Amazon quiz contest Answers

Amazon Quiz Answers-min
Amazon Quiz Answers-min

Amazon quiz today for 14 Feb2019 is available here . Answer and win phillips sue starter kit

Amazon Quiz today Answer | Amazon quiz 14 Feb 2019

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Amazon Quiz today answers: Amazon Quiz today Answer, Amazon Quiz Time , Amazon Daily Quiz Time , Amazon Quiz today Answer Answers , Amazon Today Quiz Time Answers , Amazon Today Quiz Answers , Amazon Today’s Quiz Answers – Hii guys, hope you are doing well Amazon is back with its awesome Quiz contest. If you wanna win loads of prizes, Amazon pay stick to us as we are here to help you win some awesome gifts.

Amazon Quiz Answers-min
Amazon Quiz Answers-min

Well amazon quiz is organized daily in which 5 question are asked and users have to choose the correct option and once all the answers are given then amazon quiz contest winner are declared on the official app of Amazon.

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How we gonna help you?

Nice question if you know the answers of all the question then you are genius. If not dont worry we will answer all 5 question for you and put them here in this page ao that you can mark correct answers and win prizes

Rules for Amazon Quiz Time

Before starting you must be aware of some rules and regulations that amazon has been as in case you win you will have to verify all the eligibility criteria as mentioned on the amaon official website.

Ok so first of all you can take part in Amazon Quiz contest through Amazon App only

Step 1: Download the Amazon App.

Step 2: Sign in or Sign up if you are a new user.


Step 3: Amazon Quiz is organized every day 8 – 12 so you have to be prepared 10 min before the starting of quiz.

Step 4: We request you to bookmark this website for fast and easy access to all the Amazon Quiz Answer.

Step 5: Answer each question one by one and at the end you will see message that you are eligible to win the prize.

Once the results are out amazon will contact winners through email of message so keep checking them


Amazon quiz answer 14 Feb

Q1. The world’s smelliest fruit is found abundantly in South East Asia. Which fruit is it?

Answer.  Durian

Q2. Which of these popular Indian models was seen in Alisha Chinoy’s ‘Made in India’ music video from her debut album?

Answer: milind soman

Q3. Which of the following colors is NOT seen in the Olympics symbol?

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Answer. Green

Q4. Which is the smallest state in India?

Answer. Goa

Q5.A new Indian rupee note displays Hampi’s Stone Chariot. What is the denomination of this note?

Answer:  50 rupee


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