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Amazon Quiz Today: Amazon India daily conducts amazon quiz contest every day for all their customers. Amazon quiz is for Amazon app user if you are using desktop or laptop then you won’t take part in this quiz. To take part in this quiz you need to have Amazon application. Every day you have to login your amazon account and answer the question asked in amazon daily riddle / quiz and win exciting prizes.

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Amazon Quiz today

Amazon Quiz Today – All Answers & Questions

Five question will be asked to you related to general knowledge and if you are able to answer them correctly in the shortest possible time then you become eligible for winning the prize.

How we are going to help you win prize ?

Every day we are going to update amazon quiz today correct answers here on this pages at sharp 08:05 am once they are revealed.

How you gonna win prize ?

At sharp 08:00 am open the amazon app and at the same time open this page to check live update of amazon quiz answers. As soon we update the amazon quiz today answer mark play the quiz and answer the quiz.

How Winner are declared ?

Amazon quiz winners for each month will be declared randomly at the end of each month and winner are also highlighted in this page too.

Amazon quiz Answer 15 April 2019

1. The Game of Thrones TV show is based on the fantasy novel series ‘A Song of Fire and Ice’ . Who is the author to this book series?

Ans. George R R martin

2. In the series ‘Game of Thrones’, the White Walkers are vulnerable to which of these materials?

Ans. Faceglass

3. In the Game of Thrones series, what’s the name of the band of assassins that Arya Stark joins in Braavos?

Ans. Faceless man

4. What character does Priyanka Chopra’s sister-in-law play in the Game of Thrones series?

Ans. Sansa stark

5. Where can you take a selfie while sitting on the real Iron Throne used in the filming of Game of Thrones?

Ans. Croatia

Amazon quiz answers Today | 5 Feb 2019

Q1. Which element was discovered on the Sun before it was discovered on Earth?

Answer. Helium

Q2. Vlad the Impaler was an emperor in Romania in the 14th century. Which fictional character was based on him?

Answer: dracula

Q3. The ‘Asteroid Belt’ is a region of space where most of the asteroids in our Solar System are found orbiting the Sun. This belt is located between the orbits of which two planets?

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Answer. Mars and jupiter

Q4.Narthaki Nataraj recently became the first Transgender to be awarded the Padma Shri award. Which of these dance forms is she associated with?

Answer: bharatnatyam

Q5.Which country won the recently held 2019 Asian Cup Football tournament?

Answer:  Qatar

How To Play Amazon Quiz Contest??

  • Download Amazon App
  • Open Amazon Application
  • Scroll Down till you see amazon quiz banner
  • Click click on banner and start the quiz
  • Check our site for correct amazon quiz today answers and give them in application
  • And Chance To Win exciting gadgets and Amazon pay money.

You can comment down. If you have any doubt and query related to this quiz.

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