Best Wireless Charger for Iphone & Android 2022 | Apple watch, Airpod in India

Best Wireless Charger for Iphone, Apple watch, Airpod in India: Among top wireless charger this 3-in-1 charger is the best as it features charging of 3 devices simultaneously. This 15 watt wirless charger supports Type-C PD adaptor and weight just 200g.

Gone or the days with cables tangling on the deck. You no longer have to deal with keeping then sorted every time your use them. And don’t forget the endless hustle of plugging the type-c or lightning cable to your phone multiple times. You just have to put your device on stand it will start charging.

When it comes to choosing the best wireless charger for your android or iPhone device, it’s not once size fits all. There are wireless charger that can charge single device and then other advanced charger that can charger multiple device simultaneously.

Based on the research we have compiled a list of best and wireless charger. Whether your are looking for Simple Qi charger or cheap options. The list of contains some of the best the wireless you can buy online without any second thought.

What are the Best wireless charger?

When it comes to top rated wireless charger, Belkin rules up the segment with innovative and smart wireless charging products. It charges your device up to 10w and lets your device rest in landscape and portrait orientation.

Best Wireless charger for Apple Devices

When it comes to choose wireless charger for Apple devices, Apple’s own MagSafe charger is the best thing you can go for. It automatically attaches to best spot on your iphone 12or iphone 13 and provide a rapid charging rate of 15watt.

If you are looking for charging multiple device at a single time, then logitech powered 3-in-1 dock is the best thing you should go for. It’s a bit costly but delivers juice to your iphone, iWatch and airpod all at the same time.

Let’s check out some of the best wireless chargers

Wireless Charger Best Buy Link
Belkin BoostCharge 15WBuy Now
Apple MagSafe Charger Buy Now
UNIGEN 3-in-1 Buy Now
SKYVIK Beam 2 15W Buy Now
Anker PowerWave Buy Now
RAEGR Arc 400 Pro Buy Now
SPAZY 3 in 1 Charging Stand Buy Now
pTron Bullet WX21 Buy Now
RAEGR MagFix Arc M920 Buy Now

Supported Devices for this wireless apple charger

This Apple wireless charger supports a variety of apple services including iPhone, Airpod, and iWatch series.

Supported Apple Iphone Devices

  • Apple Iphone X
  • Apple Iphone Xs
  • Apple Iphone XS Max
  • Apple Iphone XR
  • Apple Iphone 11
  • Apple Iphone 11 pro Max
  • Apple Iphone 12 Mini
  • Apple Iphone 12
  • Apple Iphone 12 Pro
  • Apple Iphone 12 Pro Max
  • Apple Iphone 13 Mini
  • Apple Iphone 13
  • Apple Iphone 13 Pro
  • Apple Iphone 13 Pro max

Supported Apple iWatch Series

  • iWatch SE
  • iWatch 6
  • iWatch 5
  • iWatch 4
  • iWatch 3
  • iWatch 2

Supported Apple Airpod Series

  • AirPods 2
  • AirPods 3
  • AirPods Pro

Apart from this just apples devices, this smart wireless charger can charger any device from top brands with wireless charging capability such as Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, etc

Supported Samsung devices

  • Samsung Galaxy S2, S10, S9, S8, S7, S6, Note 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5.

Features of Wireless Charger for Iphone and Apple watch in India

3 in 1 Wireless Charging – The user just have to place the apple devices or any other supported device on the charging dock correctly to charge the device. Also, the top and back charging area has a strong magnet to align the device correctly on the charging dock.

Wide Compatibility – Being one of the best wireless charger this charging device support wide variety of device from top brand such as Apple, Samsung, huawei, oppo, Vivo, Realme, etc

LED Indicators – The device also feature multi-purpose LED indicator to indicate whether the device is charging or not. If the LED is blinking then the device is not placed correctly and not charging.

Robust and premium design – The wireless charging base is made up of high quality silicon which firmly hold the device and avoid device slipping of device due to minor touch and shake. The design look premium and give your desk and eye-catchy look.

Charging Protection – In terms of device protection. this wireless charging station is developed while keeping safety as one of the major factor. It has multiple protection to safeguard your costly device which usually cheap wireless charger lacks. It has over charging protection, over-temperature and over-voltage protection to ensure the safety of your devices.

Creative Design – The charging dock is smartly designed with a 60 degree angle so that user can comfortably enjoy watching movies, or using the device while it the phone is charging.

Best Wireless Charger for Iphone X, 11, 12, 13 and Apple watch, Airpod in India

How to choose the best wireless charger for you

When it comes to choosing thee best wireless charger, the first thing to check if it supports your device or not. if the charger is Qi certifies, also, it should support other compatible devices such as samsung, xiaomi and other andoir device for future usage.

Be sure to check the wattage support of the wireless chargers. Mostly comes between 7.5w to 10 w charging.

Another important thing you can check if the charger and charging cable is included inside the box or not. If yes, check if is supports Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 2.0 or 3.0 technology.

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