Best Multimeter 2019 – Top 5 Multimeters 🛠️

Hi now while it certainly is a challenge to find the best tools that are worthy of your hard-earned money. In order to get you the best Multimeter we reviewed literally dozens of products basing our ranking on a number of factors including the features of the product value for money and the reputation of the manufacturer. we even read countless reviews from actual users if you choose from this list you can be sure that you buy one of the best tools available today.

Equus Innova 3340 Automotive Digital Multimeter

Equus Innova 3340 Automotive Digital Multimeter is great everyday tool and for the average joe or hobbyist. This multimeter is good for testing everything from volts, amps and resistance to alternator diodes, RPM, dwell angle and temperature


  • Great set of auto / car test features
  • Good display
  • Auto ranging
  • Mostly Accurate functions
  • Hands-free testing
  • Measures temperature
  • Data hold
  • Decent price


  • Screen not backlit
  • Probe / Side probe not of better quality

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Tacklife DM02A Classic Digital Multimeter 

Tacklife DM02A Classic Digital Multimeter is capable of performing all the basic function

expected from an average multimeter. This device is able to measure up to 600V of AC/DC current with an accuracy percentage rate of 0.8% at its lowest and 0.5% at best, with its auto-ranging function, measuring frequency and resistance is made easy. The Backlight LCD screen at the top of the unit has a clear display.


  • Compact and easy
  • 9V battery
  • High voltage measurement capability
  • Precise accuracy percentage rating


  • Backlight stays on for short amount of time

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Innova Equus 3320 Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter

This auto ranging is great tool in affordable price and when it comes to jobs it can perform majority of jobs expected from a standard multimeter. With an extra safety of rubber covering which prevent damage in case of fire, It is ideal for non technicians who want to solve their problem without any professional help.


  • Great troubleshooter
  • Accurate readings
  • Easy to handle
  • Various safety measures


  • Does not read temperature

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Fluke 115 Digital Multimeter

The Fluke 115 digital multimeter offers all the features and benefits that would service technicians and electricians need to get through the workday. Flukes digital multimeters are the preferred choice across the globe due to their rugged reliable and safe design.

The new Fluke 115 digital multimeter is guaranteed to perform even under the most demanding circumstances the Fluke 115 digital multimeter is easy to use fluke rugged and fluke reliable excellent for general electrical and electronic testing. it is a compact true RMS meter it is cat to 600 volt safety rated has a backlight display and has a three year warranty.

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Fluke 117 Digital Multimeter

Next Product is also from the same house that is Fluke 117 digital multimeter that will fit your needs.

Fluke 117 digital multimeter was designed and built with these factors in mind enabling the users to conduct detailed measurements in the most efficient and safest way in every environment imaginable.

The Fluke 117 features low Z function which prevents false readings due to ghost voltage voltage for non-contact voltage detection auto volt automatic AC and DC voltage selection.

A large white LED backlight to work in poorly lit areas this is a true rms meter designed for maximum productivity also offering resistance

continuity frequency and capacitance measurements it also has a three year warranty.

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