9 Door Rangoli Design: Simple and easy

Door Rangoli is very common tradition in various parts of india. Generally people use to decorate their surroundings and homes on special occasions and festivals. Making rangoli is as simple as creating a simple drawing you just have to understand the use and importance of colour in a rangoli. Making rangoli is all about playing with different color to make an awesome out of the box looking art that mesmerizes people. Rangoli is basically is an integral part of Hindu Culture and tradition.

Latest Door Rangoli Designs With Pictures

Here we have listed top 9 Simple and Easy Door Rangoli Design which you can make on any occasion.

#1 Border Rangoli Design for Doors  

As the name says this rangoli starts by following the borders of your gate, Which gives a very clean and symmetrical look. After that you make curvy round pattern throughout the border and then connect them. Depending on your home’s door structure you can make design which suits best to your home.

#2. Beautiful Door Rangoli Design

This design is pretty simple, you just have to make a line that gonna act as a branch of a tree and then make small flowers through the stem and that it your simple Door rangoli is ready.

#3. Door Rangoli Design Images

The door rangoli single design is also simple yet elegant looking design which you can make.  

#4. Door Kolam Designs

The Kolam Design is a bit complex to make but once it’s done, you gonna say that it’s totally worth it of you time and hardwork. You can watch the image for more details.

#5. Simple Door Rangoli Design

This Banner type looking rangoli design for door is also very beautiful. This design is simple yet those semi circles and coloured dots gives it a very pretty and unique look.

#6  Front Door Rangoli Design

This Front Door Rangoli design is gonna make your front gate stand out. Combination of these beautiful colours gives a contrast to rangoli. This design looks complex but actually its very easy to make.

#7. Designable Door Rangoli Design

#8. Entrance Door Rangoli Design

This rangoli design is simple in look yet gives classy look. The use of simple solid colours is surely gonna give great things to notice.

#9. Unique Door Rangoli Design

This Unique Rangoli design is best for front door. The combination of colours and different patterns of flower gives a unique look to this beautiful rangoli design.

Rangoli are beautiful that it can impress any person easily make then say WOW..!!. The rangoli designs which we have listed above can be used to decorate your entrance of Office or home or even you can use them in any rangoli making competition.

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