Best Emergency Car Glass Breaker, Seat belt cutter and Mini Hammer

Best Emergency Car Glass Breaker: This Glass Breaking Hammer is a crisis life saving device. It is utilized to break the glass and cut the safety belt in crisis situations where vehicle gates get locked and safety belts get stuck and user can’t escape the vehicle. This emergency car windows beaker device cum Hammer is built using top quality steel. The external material is made up of climate safe & climate safe plastic material.

This emergency car window glass breaker is compact, exceptionally light and can be kept effectively at any spot inside the vehicle. We suggest you put 4 different emergency glass breaker for each door so that incase of emergency passenger can quickly break the glass and save their life.

This Auto Safety Hammer is very useful in situation like like auto collisions and accidents. Having a glass breaker and seat belt cutter handy is an intelligent idea if you care for your family members. This multi-functional instrument can be used to break tough car window glasses and strong seat belts. If you have this life saving device inside your vehicle you don’t have to worry as this small device will help you get out of the glass no time.

Features of Emergency Car Glass Breaking Device

  • A Window Breaking Hammer, double-sided head with hardened sharp Stainless Steel Points shatters vehicle windows and belts in an emergency.
  • Mounting bracket included ,it hold safety hammer in place when the vehicle does not work until needed.
  • Seat Belt Cutter with Safeguarded Razor Blade Cuts off Seat Belts,keep you safety.
  • Fixed holder, so it will not fall even in a collision, but easily remove it from your car in an emergency.
  • IDEAL GIFT for your friends, wife, husband gifts, dad, mom, teachers, sisters, brothers and more.
  • Emergency Glass Breaker (High quality & long lasting durable material)
  • Seat Belt Cutter (Sharp razor blade made of high quality stainless steel)
  • Life Saving Tool
  • Portable
  • Easy to Use

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