Game of Throne Season 8 (GOT Season 8): Teaser, tailor, release date

Games of throne season, the most talked and popular TV Series of HBO is about to release. GOT Season 7 has been released and become one of the most popular TV series.


Now fans are waiting for GOT Season 8. So far the teaser of games of thrones season 8 teaser has been released which created the great excitement among the fans who are eagerly waiting for the 8 season of GOT.

GOT season 8 teaser is 90 sec long and it showed the three most important characters of the series roaming around around with their swords, which somewhat show the how this season is going to end.

Games of thrones season 8 is directed by migual spochnikm, david nattar and D.B vasis who are the master of directions.

GOT Season is schedule to be broadcast from April 14, 2019.

At last fingers are crossed and hoping to how john snow and his mates going to fight white walker and save the kingdom.

Games of Thrones 8 Teaser





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