How to be Perfect Boyfriend | Qualities of Good Boyfriend

Have you ever wondered who is a boyfriend..!! A person who always keeps on doing things to keep her girl happy cracking joke in front of her to make her smile and plan surprise for her. Yaaa everyone knows that but apart from these things there are lot more things or we can say qualities one posses to in order to become a perfect boyfriend. So lets that about how you can be the perfect boyfriend.

These are the things and tips, which i think must be there in a man if he wanna be good boyfriend. Your thoughts may be different let us know your though and we will also show them in our page with your name.

how to be best boyfriend

Be patient

Whenever you come in a relationship you got to everything looks so amazing and fascinating but apart from this when you start a relationship you need to unferstand your girl’s though nature likes and and dislikes everything that makes her happy and everything that makes her sad. so be patient and understand your girl.

Show interest

Showing interest in whatever your girl shows you or tell or discuss with you. Girls like those men who take interest and interact with them with full energy and a smile face. you just have to listen everything whatever she says and hear that like this is the most exciting thing you ever heard.

Take note of the little things.

Taking note of little things is a small but very important for Girls love to talk and whenever they talk they gonna say thing tell stories and your job to is to listen to that and remember that coz at any point of time she jump on you and ask and if you forgot that bro no one could save you. try to learn things related to her her birthday, her family occasions her favorites and this will help you to make your bond stronger with each other.

Put her first

I guess this point is something no one can teach you if you really love someone. You will  automatically involve your partner in that, you think about her before eating if she has eaten or not what she is doing so these things show that you really cares about your partner and this will lead to a good and strong relationship.

Provide emotional security

Providing emotional security means being always there for your partner in all time. Taking her also make her feel that yes you always stand for her and take her side. Making her feel happy, holding hands, saying i love you and hugging her tight all these things make her feel that she is emotionally secure and you are standing behind her always.

Make her laugh.

Golden rule of relationship is make her feel happy whenever she is sad or her mood is off coz at the time of distress or sadness she want someone who take care of her make her smile and forget the bad moments. As says laughing is the best medicine and you are her doctor give her daily dose of this medicine.

Don’t be afraid to give her tough love.

Goo boyfriend should always tell his feeling to their girl friends whenever they disagree with her. You are her best friend and best critic tell her what you like tell her what habits of you like and don’t like.= and if a partner can’t take the criticism well then your relationship will not go long.

Let go of the reins.

“Do whatever the woman wants you to do.”

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