23 Million user on internet uses Same password

A recent survey is conducted by a reputed UK Based firm National Cybersecurity Center (NCSC) and weRSM jointly come up with a shocking report. This report reveal than more than millions of user’s information are on stake.

This report confirms that more than 23 million users password is so weak that anyone can crack it in a minute. This situation become worse when report claims that user are using these weak password on their Net banking, social media and many sites which stores user sensative information.

Lets see exactly report claims

Report shows that 23 million users on the internet uses one of the weakest password which us “123456“. Which can be cracked easily.

Lets take a look at the most common and weak password used by the users











Around 4.4 billions are there on the internet and 70% of them uses internet through mobile devices. Whenever they need to create a password they just type these weak passwords to save time. Which results in increase in the number of identity theft cases.

Clearly people on the internet are not aware of this critical situation which make you vulnerable to all those data hungry hackers who sells identity information in exchange of millions. Hackers can use simple dictionary attack to hack the password.

Now your are thinking how to choose strong password which is not easy to break ?

Well the answer to your question simple there are lots of tool are available out there on the internet which can generate strong password for you within few click and your are good to go.

If your are not that tech savy, well dont worry you can manually make a strong password by following some simple steps we have listed below.

  1. Minimum password length must me 8 character.
  2. Password should be a combination of letter, number and special characters.
  3. Use uppercase and lower case character in password.
  4. Never use same password fir multiple accounts.
  5. Never use your car no, mobile no, name or anything which could be guessed easily by anyone.
  6. Never choose password from keyboard pattern.

Use these simple steps to keep yourself safe from identity theft.

Stay safe😀..

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