How to lock or Hide Whatsapp Chat in Android / Iphone ?

We all hate it, when someone checks our personal stuff. Privacy is the right given to everyone and that should be respected not only in reference to the rights mentioned in the constitution but in personal life also.

I know you wanna shout out above words to everyone who touches your phone without your permission. But you can’t right. Well, don’t worry we are here to help you with that only with simple apps and life hacks you can get rid of elements ready to sneak in everywhere.

  1. First let’s look at the simplest method to hide chats on whatsapp
  2. Open whatsapp and select a chat by long pressing on it which you want to hide.
  3. Now click the archive tab option that’s present on the top right.

Well by doing this you’re just archiving your chats, this is one way to hide chats on whatsapp

  1. if you wish to unhide any of your chat then simply follow these steps
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of your chat list
  3. Select archive now long press on a chat to select and hit archived chat

If you are using an iPhone just follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Right swipe on a chat
  2. Hit archive
  3. your chat will be hidden

To unhide make your way to the top of your task list and pull down to reveal the archive chat list

  1. Now right swipe on the chat you’d want to unhide
  2. Select unarchive now

One thing to note here is that if you have archived the chat and that person randomly messages you at any time of the day then the chat will reappear in the chat list and won’t remain hidden anymore.

If you’re using an iPhone then you should know that whatsapp supports touch ID and Face ID to enable it

  1. Open whatsapp
  2. Head over to settings
  3. Select account > privacy > screen lock
  4. you can then choose either Touch ID or face ID depending on the iPhone model you have.

Now you would be wondering how to do this on Android. You can do this by using a third party application from playstore.

How to Lock Whatsapp in Android ?

  1. First go to the Google Play Store D
  2. Download “App Locker.
  3. Once it is set up you can choose what all apps you want to lock
  4. Select whatsapp, now whenever you open whatsapp it will ask you for your pin pattern or fingerprint authentication.

How to Lock Whatsapp Chat in Android ?

Say you don’t want to lock the entire app but you just want to add authentication for particular chat in this case follow these steps

  1. Open google play store
  2. Download “Locker For Whatsapp Chat
  3. Open the locker app from the home page
  4. Click on the plus icon that you see on the bottom right of the screen
  5. Now one by one select the chat that you want to lock

Similarly to unlock chat follow these steps

  1. Tap the select button on the top right of the screen
  2. Choose the chats
  3. Hit remove

So, now whenever you open a chat that you have locked using the locker app you need to use your fingerprint to unhide, the chat so no more worrying as the chats that matter the most to you can be hidden or locked.

you can set it the way you want by following these steps.Nobody can invade on your privacy anymore.

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