How to Remove Google Ads from Apps with Lucky Patcher ?

How to Remove Google Ads from Apps with Lucky Patcher : If you own a mobile device no matter its android or IOS based the you must have scene the most annoying thing that could happen to you while playing a game of using an application and that is an “AD” Yes that is an ad annoying ugly looking ad which ruins your experience of using an application or plying a game. If you are annoyed with this problem too dont wry you are at the right place. Let’s how to remove the Google ads from the android app or game.

Caution: This site does not promotes or support hacking. Hacking is a a cyber crime use on your own risk.

Lucky Patcher colour meanings

The moment you open lucky patcher you will notice that name of the applications are coloured. Don’t get confused by thinking that these are just some random stuff. These colour codes have specific meaning which tells which hack you can you on this particular Android application.
Let’s see the colour codes and their meanings.

  • Green: Google Ads and license verification found
  • Yellow: Custom patches are available for the application.
  • Blue: Application contain advertisement.
  • Purple: Application works at system startup.
  • Orange: Built in System App
  • Red: nothing to modify

How to Download & Install Lucky Patcher Apk File

Now that you know everything about Lucky patcher lets check out how and from where you can Download Latest Lucky Patcher apk. Like any other android application you cannot get it from playstore coz this application has the ability to modify application permission and codes that is why google banned this application and removed it from playstore don’t worry you can download the application from the direct link given below.

1) Lucky Patcher apk download from link below or get from lucky patcher official website download.

Download Apk (Server – 1)

Not able to download the file from above link? Try alternate link given below.

Download Apk (Server – 2)

2) Now go to setting and enable the “Unknown Source” option ( If not found comment below we will help you)
3) Open the file manager and naviate to the downloaded file and install it.
4) You are done with the installation part.

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How to Remove Google Ads from Apps with Lucky Patcher?

If you are irritated from the unwanted ads and just want to get rid of them at any cost. Lucky Patcher will help you to remove all unwanted ads that keep on irritating you.

Note: Remember to take Backup of your precious data before moving further.

Just follow the steps to remove the Ads in the android application.

  1. Open the lucky patcher application.
    Lucky Patcher -
  2. Scroll down till you get the application which you want to hack.
  3. Now tap on that application a new menu will open the choose ”Menu of patches”
    Lucky Patcher tutorials-
  4. After choosing Menu of Patches Click on “APK without Google Ads”.
    Lucky Patcher in App hack -
  5. Select the desired option.
  6. And then Click on “Rebuild the App”
  7. Sit Back and Relax.
    Lucky Patcher inApp hack process -
  8. Once the process is completed click on browse and choose the file to install
  9. Now select the “Reinstall” option and your existing application is replaced by the new modified one
    Lucky Patcher Apk Download -
  10. Hurryy you have purchased the pro version without spending a single money
  11. Enjoy..!!

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