How to Remove Headphone symbol in Xiaomi Redmi & Mi Phones.

Hi there guys, Today we will look into to the most common problem of Xiaomi devices which is Stuck Headphone Notification Symbol. If own a Xiaomi then i bet you encounter the same issue of not dont worry its coming lol…Ok coming to the point so first of all let’s understand the issue in detail and then we will various methods to solve the xiaomi redmi note stuck in headphone mode.

It’s not just the which irritates you all the time the main problem is that you cannot attend any calls, Play music or any other activity that uses your phone’s speaker. Here in this article we gonna see if this is a hardware issue or software related problem and talk about how you can solve this problem. Let’s check out the step by step guide for resolving this headphone stuck problem in your favourite Xiaomi device.

How To Fix Stuck Headphone Notification Symbol?

As i already told you that this problem can be seen in almost all Xiaomi devices most common devices are Redmi Note 3, Redmi 3s / Prime, Redmi Note 4, Redmi 4, Redmi 4A.

One thing you guys must note that this problem because of hardware issue So please don’t think that you format (Factory Reset) your device and problem solved, Even Device reflash won’t work in this problem.

How do you remove the headphone symbol in notification bar on redmi note?

There are various ways to solve this issue there may be possibility that one of them may work for you or no one don’t worry even after following all steps you phones still stuck in headphone mode just comment below and we will help you.

I encountered this issue in my Redmi note 4 when is i was listening to music and then removed it to attend the call then i saw that my phone’s speaker is not working i tried shaking the phone rebooting it at the end i realized that headphone icon is present at the notification bar even if it’s not inserted. I searched many forums sites question answers website and finally able to slove the issue.

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Why Headphone mode Stuck occurs in Xiaomi devices:

Some of the reason for Headphone mode Stuck occurs in Xiaomi devices

  • One of the possible reason for this issue is the that dust might stuck in your headphone jack and causing this issue.
  • Your headphone jack area gets damaged when you are removing or inserting the headphone jack.
  • Your did.’t detected that you have removed the headphone and stuck in this mode.
  • Water gets into the the jack even few droplets can cause this issue.

If you ever stuck in any issue related to phones just simply restart the device and see if if issue still persists or not if you have already tried this then follow the few other methods to solve this issue.

Steps to Remove Headphone mode in Xiaomi devices

First Method to remove Headphones Symbol – Xiaomi Redmi devices

In this case just take a earbud and insert it into the headphone jack are and clean it gently without damaging any component.

Second Method to remove Headphones Symbol – Xiaomi Redmi devices

If the first is not working dont worry here is the second solution.

Take your headphone gently insert it in the headphone jack area and wait for few seconds and remove it see if it solves the issue if not then try again and this time plugin and plug out fast without damaging your phone. Do it a couple of times quickly and see it works or not.

Third Method to remove Headphones Symbol – Xiaomi Redmi devices

Go to Settings < Sound & Vibration < Audio Settings< Choose Head Phone Types.

Fourth Method to remove Headphones Symbol – Xiaomi Redmi devices

Try to open the service menu and check if your speaker are damaged or not if speaker are damaged then you have to to get it replaced.

If the problem still not solved your last bet is to go to service center.


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