Best LED DRL for Car headlights With Turn Indicator

Best LED DRL for Car headlights With Turn Indicator: This universal car DRL strip can be installed in any vehicle be it car, truck, truck or even tempo. The best part is that you don’t have to open the headlight unit to install this DRL strip.

In addition to DRL it also act as side indicator light to indicate turning movement during the drive. The build quality and material used in this DRL strip for Car headlight is premium and enhances the look of your vehicle.

As we mentioned this is a universal LED strip light, it comes with a double side tape that can easily stick to any surface. And yes, don’t worry the adhesive used is very strong and it won’t come off easily. On top of this, these LED Universal DRL’s are waterproof, dustproof and made of long lasting material. Below we have mentioned some of the key highlights of this product.

Features LED DRL for Car headlights

Dual Colour Mode: The DRL lamp become white in colour with headlight and converts to yellow colour for turning movement indicators.

Smart Controller Box: The DRL comes with a Smart controller box to control the functionality of the light autmatically.

Long Lasting and Durable: Car owners can could DIY (do it yourself) to stick it any shape as any shape.

Note: These LED DRL is suitable for cars with power supply of 12V and can easily fit in any car.

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