How to make a free Website for blog on google using Blogger

Free Website/Blog Kaise Banaye? today I will tell you about how to create a free blog. Creating a website and block is not a difficult task, but for those who do not know its information, it is very difficult to create a website or blog. But with the information given in this post, you can prepare your own website and blog in the next 5 minutes.

Actually Google provides us the service of creating a free website, which you can easily create your blog for free without spending money, for this Google has created a platform named Blockspot.

But before that it is very important for you to know what is a website and what is the difference between website and blog, let me first tell you about it.

What is a website and what is a blog?

A website means a company that work on only one topic like Facebook which is the world’s largest social media website, its job is just to connect people with their friends all over the world.

Whereas a blog is such a small website on which information is shared on more than one topic, it is not necessary to have a company, for example this website of ours is also a blog.

Why should a website (blog) be made?

If you want the whole world to recognize you, then it is important to have your site on the Internet on which you can share your thoughts with the whole world.

Following are the advantages of creating a website,

  1. You want to earn money online from internet.
  2. If you want to do any business online.
  3. You want to make your name in the world.
  4. You want to share your knowledge with the whole world.
  5. It can have many other regions.

By creating a website or blog, when you share your thoughts in it, then your thoughts can be affected by anyone in the whole world, like you are reading this post on my website right now and you are getting information about creating a website for free.

In the same way, you can share your information with people by creating such a site.

What is needed to make a website (blog)?

You don’t need much to make a website, you just need two things.

  • Gmail Account
  • Computer / Laptop

If you have not yet created your Gmail account, then how to create a Gmail account first   Read the post and create your Gmail account.

If you do not have a computer, then it does not matter, you can also create a blog website from your mobile, just you should have internet in your mobile, on the phone you can setup the website in Chrome browser.

To know more about what is needed to build a website, what do you need to build our website?  You can read the post.

In this post, all the things that are needed to make a website have been told in detail. After that you can create your website by following the steps given below.

How to make website?

To make a website, many things are needed for which money is needed i.e. you cannot create a website without investment because for this either you need to know coding (CSS, HTML, Javascript, PHP etc.) or you have to A developer building a website has to be hired.

In both these methods, you will need to spend money such as web-hosting will have to be taken and domain will also have to be taken. For information about this, you read this post of ours.

But if you do not want to spend money, then it will be better for you to create a free blog on, for this you follow the steps given below carefully.

How to make a free blog? information on creating a free blog

You do not need to do much to create a free blog on BlogSpot. You just have to follow the steps as mentioned in this post and in no time you will create your own blog.

Step 1:

  1. First  of all go to website and login with your gmail id.

Step 2:

After login, a crowd like this will open in front of you.

  1. To create a new blog  , click on New Blog .

Step 3:

Now a popup window will open in your browser where you have to add the details of your new block like block title, block address, blog theme/template etc.

  1. Title:  Write the name of your new blog in the title, like the name of my block is Support Me India, in the same way you can also keep a good name for your block.
  2. Address:  Here you have to set the link (URL) of your blog. Millions of people have already made a block on Blogger, so the URL of your choice is not available and error Today, you can add some extra words to the link of your blog.
  3. Theme:  Choose a template for your blog. For the time being, you can select any thing, now you can change it later.
  4. After completing the setting , click on create blog .

Step 4:

As soon as you click on create blog, your blog will have been created and the dashboard of the blog will be open in front of you. Now here you can write a new post for your blog by clicking on the new post.

  1. To write a new post, click on the new post icon.

For more information on writing popular posts, you read this post of ours,

In this way, you can start writing posts by creating your blog on Google’s free platform Yoga. How to Change and Upload Blogspot Blog Template to Change Block Template? Information will be found in the post.

Now your blog is completely done. You can change the link and template of your blog later, for information about what to do after creating a blog, what should you do after creating a free blog on our Blogspot? Read the post.

So this was the information about creating a free blog on Blogger, I hope you will like it and now you will be able to easily create your own website for free.

If still you face any problem, then tell your problem in the comment section, all possible help will be given to you.

If you need more information about Blogspot, then you read our Blogger category post, such as

I hope you have liked this post of creating a free website / blog, if yes, then definitely share this post with your friends.

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