Top 5 Myths about Artificial Intelligence that newbies have?

Have you ever imagined, how a virtual assistant sitting inside your smartphone is able to interpret and answer all questions you shoot at them? Isn’t it is fascinating to see when you type something in your phone it automatically suggest the exact words that you are about to type. Well, if these things excite you then you’re gonna love Artificial Intelligence. 

AI aka Artificial Intelligence is no more a futuristic fantasy. Surrounding the numerous virtual assistants, automatic machines and robots, I’m Sure you must have witnessed the buzz around AI, with this revolutionary technology there are some myths attached to its tail. So here we’ll be busting the top 5 myths about AI that newbies have?

Myth #1: AI is for big players not for everyone.

Artificial intelligence is capable of doing things like self driving car, Voice recognised system, data processing e.t.c makes people think of this as a god’s own technology which is capable of doing anything and one who holds this technology hold the power to change the future.

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No doubt AI is capable of changing the face of future, on the contrary to this belief there are areas where a not so rich person is using this technology for their business growth like chatbots, automatic text predictions are the example that anyone with an in depth knowledge of AI fundamentals can make their Application using open source codes and bind with their business.

Myth #2: AI learn by itself

Though AI is a futuristic technology, learning through trial and error method. Everytime it tries something new and store the results for future refer and learn from that, which helps it to learn like a child. But saying “AI is fully capable of learning new things without human intervention” is wrong, As it’s just the set of codes iterating itself to come out of a situation.

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Everytime code repeats itself, it stores values and data valid or invalid both. After a certain period of time the AI gets buggy due to those invalid codes and data needs to be calibrated by a human. No matter how advanced the technology gets it always needs human for bug fixing and calibration

Myth #3: With increasing AI Employment decreases 

With increasing advancements in technology, technological unemployment has also become a point of concern for people, this debate started since the invention of wheels, which actually impacted the physical labour employment badly.

However if we analyze the impact in the long run the results are quite shocking and positive. 

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Let’s see some facts, in the year 1900 when technological revolution has started in the US, unemployment was 10% and in 2019 this data squeezed to 3-4% with lots of new job opportunities sprung out as a result of technology growth. So, don’t worry about your current job, more opportunities on the way😀

Myth #4: AI is soon gonna replace humans

Contrary to Popular belief, Although AI is around since quite a long time, with super advancement of processing complex data, learning everything that a human can do, it still lacks the cognitive thought of adapting and reacting as per the scenario like joy, sadness and sarcasm coz it only follows logic, framework and datasets created by a human.

Moreover, seeing this exponential growth of AI some countries have made strict laws to protect human existence and rights. So there is no way robots gonna takeover this world.

Myth #5: Artificial intelligence and Deep Learning is same

One of the most common myths among the newbies is that AI and Deep Learning are both the same thing. Though Deep learning gained lots of hype with its extraordinary ability, Deep learning is extremely efficient in speech recognition and making multi layer neural network feasible to solve any complex problem. Deep learning is the subset of Machine learning which itself is the subset of Artificial intelligence.

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Final thoughts

No doubt, Technology amazes us with it capabilities especially Artificial intelligence. with its endless possibilities it always grabs the spotlight for both pros, cons and myths as well. At last, I would say we should stop believing the myths going around and start understanding the technology and use it to add value in our professional and personal lives.

Thanks for reading the article thoroughly..!!

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