RRB JE 23 May 2019 Questions paper and Answers – Available Here

RRB JE Questions paper and Answers 23 May 2019: The Railway Recruitment Board first exam is going to be conducted on today for RRB JE 22 May 2019. RRB JE CBT 1 is being organized from 22 May 2019 to 02 June 2019. You can check them here and official RRB JE Question paper and answer key will be updated here once they are released.

RRB JE 23 May 2019 Questions paper and Answers

various coaching institutes releases the question paper and answer keys before it is issued by the RRB officially. However, the answers issued by various institutes are not always accurate. But by this, the candidate gets an information. You can predict your scores before the results are released, through the RRB JE answer key 2019 .

Exam Name – RRB JE 2019

Exam Date – 23 May 2019

RRB JE 23 May 2019 shift – 1 Memory Based Questions and Answers…Live Update

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Q. Oxygen ko konse cell carry karte ha?


Q. Strongest part of human body?

A. Enamel

Q. Opthalmologist kon hota ha?

A. Eye specialist

Q. Vitamin jo blood clotting kab banta ha?

A. Vitamin k

Q. heart me oxigenated blood leke konse capillary jate ha?

A. Pulmonary vein

Q. Cell wall kis cheez ki bane hoti ha?

A. Cellulose

Q. Manav sharir me konse haddi nahe pae jate ha

Q. Bache ka sex determination kese karte ha?

A. Chromosome se xx= female or xy= boy

Q. Pneumonia kis part ko affect krta ha?

A. Lungs


Q. Silver bromide ko tode silver aur bromide me to ye reaction kya hota ha?

A. Decomposition reaction

Q. Nacl aur milk ka PH kya hota ha?

A. Nacl-7, milk-6.4

Q. Cho kisko represent krta ha?

A. Aldehyde

Q. Chiti ke katne pr konsa acid nikalta ha?

A. Formic acid

Q. Malachite kiska ore ha?

A. Copper

Q. Borax ko litmus se test kare to kya kare dega?

A. Red

Q. Mass number of duetarium

A. 2

Q. Highly electronegative element konsa hai

A. Flourine


Q. Agar koi light ray air se glass me jaegi to kya hoga? Glass is denser

A. Bends towards normal

Q. Question on speed=freq*wavelength

Q. Problem om concave lens?

Q. Series resistance problem?

Q. Agar ek se jada resistance side by side lagae to ye kisme honge?

A. Series


Q. Two question on age problem?

Q. Question on ratio?

Q. Question on relative speed?

Q. X+y+z= 28 and x=2y and y=2z ?

A. Y = 8

Q. 1.75,1.30,7 find HCF and LCM?

A. HCF= 1/100

Q. Train speed= 54kmph ek admi platform 20 sec me cross krta ha platform ki length kya hogi?

Q. Cos^4a+sin^4a=p

Q. Circle ke radius = 7/4 cm 22 km distance cover me kitne chakkar lagenge?

A. 200

Q. One question from compound interest?

Q. One question from profit loss?

Q. One question from geometry?

Q. Pecentage related question

Q. 1+1/4+1/4+1/8….fsum of infinite series

A. 2


Q. Bhartnatyam kaha hota ha?

A. Tamil nadu

Q. Jammu and kashimir ke governer kon ha?

A. Satypal malik

Q. iIFA me 2018 ka best actor kon tha?

A. Ranveer kapur

Q. Panipat ki third battle kiske bich hue?

A. Martah and ahmad shah abdali

Q. T20 me sabse kam age ka player kon hai?

Q. CSK ke captain kon h?

A. Ms dhoni

Q. Chunav ayog ka adhyakhs kon ha?

A. Sunil arora

Q. Article 29 aur 30 kiske liye hai?

A. Minorities

Q. Third largest bank of india?

A. Bank of baroda

Q. Sangmitra kiski beti ha?

A. Ashoka

Q. Fatehpur sikri kisne banae thi?

A. Akbar

Q. Odisha me konsa dance hota ha?

A. Odishi

RRB JE Question Paper And Answer Key 2019

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RRB JE 2019 Exam Date
22nd May 2019
23rd May 2019
24th May 2019
25th May 2019
26th May 2019
27th May 2019
28th May 2019
29th May 2019
30th May 2019
31st May 2019
1st June 2019
2nd June 2019

RRB JE Exam 2019, How To Download

RRB JE Answers 2019 helps the candidates know their results. By this the candidate can make a prediction of his / her score. Now lets see how you can get the RRB JE Date Wise question paper and Answer Keys.

  • Click the link on this page to view RRBJ 2019 first. Click on the link given to the date you want to see the size of the date.
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RRB JE 2019 all Dates Question Paper and Solutions

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