Smart LED Projector Alarm Clock With Temperature Display in India

This Smart LED Projector Alarm Clock With Temperature Display with voice report feature gives you a fantastic experience every morning by waking you up with a voice message and you don’t have to move to check time as it contains a 180 degree rotatable projector lens which projects the time on your roof for your convenience.

With LED Display, it is easy to read, simple and elegant design to uplift your rooms aesthetics. Apart from Time, it gives you real-time temperature accurately , and you can also change the temperature format form Celsius to Fahrenheit with just a click of a button.

Features of Smart LED Projector Alarm Clock India

Time projection – The clock can project the time for all intents and purposes anyplace including dividers and roofs. You can turn projection on or off depending on the situation, exceptionally helpful.

Time and temperature Display – The LED projector morning timer has the current time and situation temperature show capacities, and with voice talking capacity, this component permits you to be said what time it was, so you don’t need to actually take a look at the time without anyone else, exceptionally astute.

Double cross modes accessible – Time can be shown in 12 or 24 hours configuration and temperature can be shown in Celsius or Fahrenheit. In any case, it with brief nap work, you can have a brief nap to get that additional rest time.

The projection clock has 5 sorts of music alert, worked in amplifier, you can change the volume to a suitable size.

It very well may be utilized in wherever, for example, concentrating on room, bed room, work areas, etc.

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