Top 10 Summer Life Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind

Summer Life Hacks: Hi there fellas, summer is considered to be the most stylish season, coz you can wear those cool and short dress which you bought on huge discount to look cool and branded. Well along with chilled, drink, Trendy clothes there is one more thing that you can not miss about summer… Damn what did miss ??

It’s Hot..!! No am not telling you the temperature, this is one thing that everyone hates about summer coz no one like to be smell sweaty, sweating gallons of water while you are out.

Well nothing to worry guys today we will be seeing Top 10 Summer life hacks that gonna blow your mind.

10. Drink More water

Well that’s very obvious that in summer time everyone advises you to drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated and am telling you the same coz this is important. When you sweat you loose lots of body water and minerals, which eventually make you dehydrated and week So, drink lots of water actually you can add glucose to it for instant energy.

9. Make a DIY Air Conditioner

Keep running AC for whole summer will put a big hole in your pocket so, rather than paying too much electricity bills you can apply simple AC Hack and keep yourself cool by making A DIY AC. I know it’s not that cool and trendy looking DIY gadgets out there but this will save you lots of buck so, why not..!!

8. Freeze Water Bottles

If you are going on a road trip or anywhere away from the city then water is the one thing you must have in excess, but what to do if water get hot. No worry freeze water bottle is here to rescue.

Instead of cooling a water bottle for immediate use try to put some water bottle extra in fridge and freeze them this way freezed water bottle will stay cool longer and you too.

7. Create Beach Safe

Enjoying on beach is the favourite time pass for the people who wants to enjoy and spend their summer relaxing near water. But how you gonna keep your money, key and phone dry. Simple just empty a bottle of lotion clean it and you can put all your costly items that can fit inside this container.

6. Bag Your phone

What if you wanna enjoy the beach and don’t want to put you your phone in locker or you wanna take a picture of yours enjoying water, don’t worry just put you phone in a zipped bag and zip it tightly to avoid any open space and know you have a phone that is waterproof… Enjoy.

5. Fitted sheet beach hack

One thing that everyone loves at beach and hate too is “Sand” childerns love to play in sand and adults have coz wind blows sand all over them or you sheet. For that you can carry a fitted bed sheet and put some heavy object to old it and boom you got yourself small cozy tub like area away from sand.

4. Outward Fan Hack

Did you know that fan facing outward your room can cool your room more as compared to tht fan facing inwards. Or if you have a fan you can run it counter clockwise for optimum cooling.

10 Summer Life Hacks

3. Keep doing Exercise

Working out is good for health for summer it’s like you are bathing in sweat while working out. Many people just avoid exercise due to heat. Instead you can switch to water based sports, working out at dawn before the sun gets strong.

2. Cool Your Car Quickly

There is a japanese trick according to which whenever you enter your car in summer try to open an close car gate 3-4 time while your car window is open will throw out most of the hot air and then you can enter the car.

Top Summer Life Hacks

1. Body’s Cooling point

At least you have tried all the Summer Life hacks mentioned but still can’t find a way to cool yourself down then try to put ice or wet object at your cool point. Generally cool points are present all over the body have a look at the image below.

Best Summer Life Hacks

Well that everything all about some summer Life hacks you can comment down any hack you know or any fun activity you do to avoid heat Enjoy and happy summers….

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