How to Design a New Website in 2021 | 7 Best Web Design Tips 2021

The better, attractive the design of your website, the more people will connect with your business, in today’s article we will tell you in detail about how to design a website, simple tips for designing a website. If you have a business, you will have a website for that. In this 21st century, having a website for your business is a necessity. So let’s know how to design it so that maximum audience likes your company/business/website.

Many people fall into the trap of thinking about how their business site should be designed. At the same time, some people think that web design is easy and does not require much effort.

This is simply not true. Your business site needs to be well designed and it can take a long time to perfect your website and find what works for your audience.

The better the design of your website, the more people will engage with it. That is why our advice to you is that you should design your site in a professional way.

7 Best Tips to Design a New Website 2021

If you are a beginner and have not yet created your own website, how do you create our website and blog? Build your website by reading the article.

After that you design your website with the tips and tricks mentioned here. So let’s know about the best tips for designing a website.

1. Improve website homepage

The first and main focus is on making your website’s homepage professional looking. The homepage of your site is like the window or door of your business shop.

Seeing this, people ask how your product, service will be. The website homepage gives the visitor an idea of ​​what you provide to them.

That is why make the homepage of your site as attractive, professional and good looking as possible. Try that you can show your business well in a short way in a single page.

2. Do not make the website more colorful

It is true that a colorful website is more attractive to look at, but after a time, the colors start stinging in the eyes of the audience, and then they start feeling ripe.

You must have also seen many gaming websites like, which are very colorful, but they all look good only on big brands like mobile, games, sports etc.

But at one time simple design is good for website or beginner / small business website, for example you can see google sites.

Keep the main background white and the text color light black, and link etc. For this, choose any one color from blue, orange, green.

You can make the website header, header banner colorful, but keep the body background white, overall the design of your site should be such that it is not boring.

3. Keep in mind the visual hierarchy

Visual hierarchy is an important principle of website designing. Which helps in displaying your content in a clear and effective manner.

Through proper use of hierarchy, you may be able to move the attention of site visitors to certain page elements in order of priority, starting with the most important part.

Highlight your top assets, such as your business name and logo, by making headings, important words more visible. Readers are naturally attracted to large and bold headings first, then short paragraph text.

Use the right website layout to steer your visitors’ eyes in the right direction. For example, you can place an important call-to-action button in the very center of the screen, or place your logo on the header.

Once you’ve established a clear hierarchy for your information, readers can’t help but inadvertently follow the breadcrumbs you leave for them.

4. Make Website Content Easy to Read

Readability measures how easy it is for people to recognize words, sentences, and phrases. When the readability of your site is high, users will be able to easily scan or skim-read through it. In this way, it becomes easy to take information.

Try these key rules to increase the readability of the website:

  • Contract is important : Adequate contrast between your text color and background color is important for readability as well as website accessibility. While the color scheme of your website may be representative of your brand colors, make sure there is adequate contrast between your elements. To do this, use an online tool like Contrast Checker.
  • Font size : Most people will have trouble seeing small fonts. A general rule of thumb for web design is to keep your body text at least 16px. This is a good place to start, but keep in mind that this number depends entirely on the fonts you choose for your website.
  • Types of Fonts : The world of typography offers a wide variety of fonts at our disposal. You can choose between serif fonts (which have small projecting lines at the ends of letters, such as Times New Roman) or use other google fonts .

Sans-serif fonts are usually the best choice for long online text – like the one you’re currently reading. You can even mix these different types together to create interesting font pairings.

There are also many display fonts that are more on the decorative side, such as script fonts that look handwritten. If you are going for one of them, make sure not to overuse it, so as to avoid excessive impact.

Limit the number of fonts: Do not use more than three different typefaces on the same website. Although some projects may require more elaborate font combinations.

Use text themes: To establish a clear hierarchy, make sure your written website content varies in size and weight—from a large title to a small subtitle, to even smaller paragraphs or body text. This simple website design tip can ensure that there is always something to grab the attention of readers.

5. Make sure your site is easy to navigate

After all, you want your users to be able to easily find what they are looking for. In addition, a site with solid navigation helps search engines index your content and improves user experience.

  • Link visitors to the homepage : This website design tip is a common practice that your visitors will be expecting, saving them a few precious clicks. If you don’t already have one, it is highly recommended to create your own logo as part of your branding efforts.
  • Pay attention to website menus : Whether choosing a horizontal list, hamburger menu, or something else, your website menu should be prominent and easy to find. Also, make sure that it is structured according to the importance of each section.
  • Provide mobile menu : Your website should be easy for new desktop but also mobile user, for that use mobile menu on your site.

Also since the site footer is probably the last thing to appear on your site , it’s a good idea to put all your important links there. This may include your contact information, social media icons and a shortened version of your menu, or any other relevant links that visitors may need.

6. Make the website mobile friendly

All your site visitors should be able to enjoy your professional website at its best, no matter what device they are browsing. They should not have any problem or hurdle while designing the website.

There are many tools for creating mobile friendly sites, such as Wix automatically creates a mobile version of your site.

Position yourself as a user by moving to the mobile version of your site, and test every page, user action, and button, so you can keep pace with the rapidly expanding mobile world.

Your mobile website should be more neat and less cluttered than your desktop version, so consider miniaturizing page elements and some assets like menus.

There are also a number of unique mobile features that you can use to promote your mobile design.

7. One Last Tip: Be Simple

One of the most important website design tips is actually the simplest. Look at the great, inspirational seats all around you! Browse through some of the best website designs, most of them have a simple design.

That is why we advise you to keep the design of your site simple, so that the visitors of your site do not get boring even after visiting again and again.

Apart from all this, while designing your site, you should also take care of the web design guidelines of SEO and search engines like google so that your site can rank well.

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