Best Universal Car Interior Ambient Lights and EL Wire for Cars

Best Universal Car Interior Ambient Lights and EL Wire for Cars: Are you looking to refurbish entire aura of your car? Want to make your car look and showoff in front of your friends while staying on the budget. Well if that is the case then you are at the correct place. Here, in this post we have listed two universal ambient car lights that you can use in any car without making a big hole in your pocket.

Universal EL Wire Car Interior Light For all Car

Our first pick is EL Wire aka electroluminescent wire. This is a strip of wire that goes inside the edges of your car interior just including dashboard, music system, gear box and even on door. You can control this Trim Light Strip using your smartphone which could be android or iPhone. Let’s check out the features of this wire.

Features of Universal EL Wire Car Interior Light

16 Million Color Combination: The Car Interior Strip light comes with a Bluetooth module that you can use to connect it with the authorized application for smartphone and from your smartphone you can control the entire functionality of wire whether to keep it in blinking mode, keep it on, adjust the speed and brightness level along with 16 million color combinations to personalize your the car interior space.

Music Sensor: With Built-in sound sensitive feature, this atmosphere EL wire will automatically sync with any sound inside the car and then change colors following the music rhythm as well as with voices.

Safe : The LED car interior atmosphere lights work on a voltage of 12V additionally, the LED strip is equipped with short circuit protection and memory function to avoid it from damaging.

Plug and Play: This is can be installed in any car, SUVs, Hatch back etc. You just have to cut it according to the length of each strip you need and do it yourself as per your preference.

Reasons to Buy this product

  • Bluetooth functionality
  • Full control over LED colour, Brightness, and display effect of LEDs
  • Connects seamlessly with your smartphone
  • Comes with IR remote controller
  • Automatically sync with Music beat to switch colors
  • Easy to Install

Universal LED Car Interior Light for all Cars

This premium quality interior atmosphere light of car is a must for your car. Built to last long, this universal ambient light comes with a controller module, an on/off switch and an IR remote to control the entire functionality of the light.

The best thing about this LED is that you can install it yourself without any professional help. Just place the 4 LED strip in 4 leg spaces of your car and plug in the power socket to cigarette lighting port and done.

Features of this Universal LED Car Interior Light for all Cars

  • Universal Interior Light: With Plug and Play feature you can install it in any vehicle and switch on the device to transform your car into a cool driving beast.
  • Voltage 12V: This ambient light work on DC12v. You just have to connect it in the cigarette fuse port and done
  • In-built sound sensor: The LED car interior lights system comes with an In-built sound sensors that lets the LED to synchronize and follow the music beat.
  • Extra Usage: Apart from cars, you can use these atmosphere light in rooms, birthday party, wedding, camping, etc.
  • Upgrades Car look: opposite to simple RGB modes, this you have full control over the LED brightness, color, and display pattern : Flash, glow, fading, smooth. 100 percent brand new and music sync controller led
  • 16 Modes: The Universal light Comes with an IR remote controller that enables the user to change the color of the LED strips.
  • Easy to Install: To install this product you don’t have to modify the interior wiring of the wire, You can simply insert the power socket inside the Cigarette port and your are good to go.
  • Country of Origin: India

Reasons to buy this product

  • Universal for all cars and trucks
  • Just Plug and Play
  • Works on Cigarette lighter port
  • Automatically sync with Music beat to switch colors
  • Long Lasting
  • Wireless control remote

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