Universal HUD Head up display for Cars in India (LCD / LED)

This Universal GPS HUD Head UP Display Speedometer for cars is a great addition to your cars look. This Heads-up display is compatible with all the cars and trucks. Setup procedure for this this LED HUD Projector is very easy. No Wiring is needed to the vehicle speed signal.

This HUD display has two mode

  1. Projector Mode – In this mode the device projects the display to vehicle windshield.
  2. Stand Alone Mode – In this mode all the details are displayed inside the HUD LED digital display.

This HUD projector also has an over speed limit alarm and mileage display. Also, you can convert the speed format from MPH or KM/h with just a click of a button. With Auto brightness adjustment, you don’t have to constantly increase or decrease the display brightness. Based on the external light condition the device will automatically adjust the display brightness for best visibility.

Features of Universal HUD Head up display for Cars

  • Alarm Icon: High water temperature / Low voltage alarm / shift reminder / over speed alarm / Fatigue driving /
    Engine Error
  • Multi-functions display: RPM / Voltage / driving distance /clock / water temperature / fuel consumption
  • Light sensor: HUD can automatically adjust the brightness according to the environment
  • Mileage unit: TRIP means the driving distance from engine start to off
  • Fuel consumption unit: unit of Average fuel consumption per hundred kilometers / instantaneous fuel consumption =AVG
  • Speed: digital display the vehicle driving speed
  • Speed unit: KM/H=kilometer/hour, MPH=Mile/hour

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