UPTET 2019: इस वर्ष यूपीटीईटी अक्टूबर में, अगस्त से लिये जा सकते हैं आवेदन

UPTET 2019: Applications for Uttar Pradesh Teacher Eligibility Examination 2019 will be done from August. The exam can be taken in the first week of October. In this regard, the examination regulatory authority will send a proposal to the government this week. Last year, UPTET Examination took place in November. There is no definite calendar for TET yet. The state government wants TET and teacher recruitment to be done according to the educational session, but despite lakh attempts, this is not possible.

UPTET 2019 Notification, Application form

Since 2011, UPTET Examination is being conducted

In the state since 2011, when the Right to Education Act is being implemented. TET was done in 2011 before recruiting 72,825 trainee teachers. However, the case of recruitment on merit basis was disputed. The first High Court was then ruled by the Supreme Court. So TET did not happen in 2012. After this the government changed it to the eligibility examination only. This examination is taking place from October to November in the last 3-4 years.

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9,02,012 candidates have passed in the TET till date, till date, only 1.50 lakh got jobs till date 2011. Out of these 1,52,000 teachers have become teachers. However, the upper primary level TET candidates do not have the opportunity to become a teacher in Government Primary School. As an exception, in 2013, 29,334 teachers of mathematics and science were enrolled in junior schools. Only primary level teachers are recruited in primary schools.

A look at the TET so far – 

Year of Examination: Successful test taker
>TET 2011: 2,92,923
>TET 2013: 1,02,755
>TET 2014: 1,94,700
>TET 2015: 1,46,415
>TET 2016: 75,364
>TET 2017: 89865
>TET 2018: 5,54,931

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