Valentine’s day 2019: Gifts for him / Her, Quotes and status

Valentine’s Day 2019: Romantic Ideas, gifts for him / Her, Quotes and status – Valentine’s day is just around the corner guys and if you are in a relationship then you must be excited about the valentine’s week list 2019.

This week is dedicated to all the lovers  where all the couples celebrate this day with great enthusiasm and love and on valentine day week literally there is love spread in the air.

Couples express their love feeling by exchanging gifts, making love and many other ways. Girls search for valentine’s day gift for Him and boys search for valentine’s day gift for Her. 

Valentine’s Day 2019

People plan Valentine’s day romantic ideas to make their partner feel special. Here we will be giving you the valentine’s week day list 2019, Valentine’s day gift for Him/Her , Valentine’s day gift idea, Valentine day quotes, Valentine’s day status & wallpapers and much more.

Valentine’s Day Week List 2019

Vday the loveliest week of the year,  the Valentine’s week or Love Week is a 7 day with each day is celebrated with a special gift. Let’s see the valentines day bulletin week in detail.

7th Feb 2019 – Rose Day

This the very first day on valentine’s week the rose day. Basically this is the preparation day for the next day which propose day. So the base is set by this day with exchanging a rose with your partner.

8th Feb 2019 – Propose Day

This day is marked as the propose day with a rose or a ring, and the person can accept or deny as per their choice but is not have any hard or hate feeling on it, thus it’s a fearless propose day.

9th Feb 2019 – Chocolate Day

From ancient time chocolate are gifted to loved ones and this make the other person feel special. So, you can send chocolates to your loved ones on this valentine’s week and make them feel special and spread the love.

10th Feb 2019 -Teddy Day

Teddies are the cutest gift anyone can gift, Teddies are the most famous soft toys loved by the girls. If you gift teddy to someone this will remind her of you always.

11th Feb 2019 – Promise Day

Promise day is celebrated by the lovers by exchanging gist and making promise to each other. Makes sure you keep your promise with pure heart this will keep your love strong always.

12th Feb 2019 -Hug Day

This the best day of the valentine’s week list where you give your bestest hug to your lover. Go on shower you hug on him/her and give more and more hugs so that she will feel loved and secured.

13th Feb 2019 – Kiss Day

Kiss day is the day when couples express their love by kissing each other and show their feeling of endless love towards each other. Remember to kiss her on forehead and finally Lipkiss is the a must this day. Your job is to keep your partner’s lips wet this day.

14th Feb 2019 – Happy Valentines Day

Finally..!! the D day it combines the all days to make Valentine’s day, When you have to show your love and feeling to your partner that you are responsible for them, you love them in all situation, you willbe on their side no matter what happen and love them always.

And finally this weeks ends with lots of love and strong relationship.

Valentine Greeting Card generator

Valentine week after 14th Feb

15 February 2019: Slap Day

16 February 2019: Kick Day

17 February 2019: Perfume Day

18 February 2019: Flirting Day

19 February 2019: Confession Day

20 February 2019: Missing Day

21 February 2019: Break Up Day

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