What happens when you stop smoking

Today thousands of people involved in drugs, alcohol and smoking addiction. so today we will tell you what happens when you quit smoking

After quitting, within 20 minutes your blood pressure and heartbeats return to normal. This is because of the Nicotine and the cigarettes release Epinephrine and non-epinephrine which increased your heart rates and narrowed the blood vessels, leading to low temperature or cooling of the body but later it returns back to normal.

After 2 hours you feel week and tired because of the large amount Dopamine production. Later after 8 hours, blood starts cleaning inhaled carbon monoxide retaining the oxygen content in the blood.

After 48 hours, the blood cells size increases making blood thicker and nerve cell also starts building up efficiently. After 72 hours the body again starts demanding nicotine, making the situation very unbearable.

After months all heart disease and blood pressure problem chances get reduced. And after 3 months and between 9 months the damages get totally repaired.

Comment your views and share it for spreading awareness so that people quit smoking for a better life. Hope you like the article, keep sharing, keep following. Thank you for giving you precious time.

What happens when you stop smoking


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