10 Weirdest Laws of the World – Strange Laws Around the World

There are many such strange laws around the world, which are difficult to believe. Today we are telling you about 10 such Weirdest Laws of the world, knowing about which you will say that there is a limit man, how can this happen, so let’s know.

Different countries have different customs and laws. The laws that exist in one country may be opposite in another. But some places have very strange laws.

Which is surprising to know about. Here we will tell you about such strange laws around the world, knowing about which you will be surprised.

Here are the 10 weirdest laws in the world – World’s Strange Laws

Although there are many strange laws in the world, but here we will talk about only 10. Yes, more laws can be included in this in future.

1. It is necessary to take a bath before sleeping

Massachusetts is a state in the United States of America (US) where there is a strange law in the city called Boston. Under which you cannot go to your bed at night without taking a bath and also you cannot take a bath on Sunday. There it is illegal to violate this rule.

2. Birthdays Important to Remember

Samoa is an island country in the Pacific Ocean. If you do not remember your own birthday here it is considered a crime. Here you have to remember your birthday.

3. Cannot change bulb itself

In the Australian state of Victoria, you cannot replace your home bulb yourself. Only those who have electrician’s certificate can change the bulb.

4. Cannot wash clothes together

According to the law of the United States state of Minnesota, it is illegal to wash undergarments of men and women together in a washing machine.

5. Kissing is illegal

America’s Nevada state, in whose city called Eureka, a strange law is in vogue. According to this law, it is illegal for a man with a mustache to kiss a woman.

6. Can’t take a shower together

In the US city of Los Angeles, it is illegal for two children to bathe together in the same tub. Children from our place like to take bath together.

7. Death penalty for jumping off the roof

Even if a person who jumped from a roof in New York City of America survives, there is a provision of death penalty for him.

8. Qualification is not necessary to become President

Pakistan, the only country in the world, does not require any qualification to become the President.

9. It is forbidden to abuse

In a city in Alberta, shouting, even abusing, is banned, here no one can even a small quarrel with anyone, here it is all illegal.

10. It is illegal to flush the toilet

It is illegal in Switzerland to flush the toilet after 10 pm. The thinking of the government behind this is that it increases noise pollution. Due to this law, the condition of the people sometimes becomes strange.


These were the 10 strange laws, customs, rules of the world which are really very strange. If you live in India then you must think that there is a lot of freedom in India.

Well whatever it is, laws are always made for the benefit of all. In the coming time, we will tell you about the dangerous laws of Korea. Then you subscribe to our blog so that you will get the information.

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